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Purpose • For a supercharged dose of inner mastery, authentic leadership, business clarity and fast-tracking to freedompreneurship.

Coaching Session • Fast-track day (3.5 hours), plus 4x 45 min coaching sessions via Zoom, plus 4 virtual feedback forms via Google Doc

Duration • N/A (You can use 4x45 min sessions anytime. Most clients use them every 2 weeks or once a month)

You know the "tortoise and the hare"? Think of this as the hare approach: intense, deep dive, get to the point and sort everything out, with grace!

Waiting List • 2 weeks or less


Takeaways • As maaaaaany soul maturation + lifestyle freedom tools as you can gracefully digest and implement during fast-track day and coaching sessions!


Included • Freedompreneur Clarity TrackerHigh Return on Happiness Masterclass, Six-figure Simplified Masterclass, Coaching Prep Pack, Coaching Completion Pack, and Universal Truths and Messages of Grace that you need to hear ♥︎

Pre-requisite • Apply for Clarity Session and be accepted into program