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MiracleMentor + Life Coach

Q: When you think about what made you initially come to me or come to Guide to Grace for coaching?

A: I wanted to learn from somebody who has already been there. You know, it just it felt right. Felt like the right time and place. It was as simple as that.

Q: And, what would you say is the biggest leap of faith you made during our time together?

A: Well first of all, the investment in myself. You know, like the monetary investment was a huge leap of faith to think that I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna pay this amount and it's gonna work. And some trusting that I was gonna be able to step into my zone of genius.

What I really appreciated was, also being with you, was being guided to figure out what is it that I wanted,to be able to shift towards what truly was my zone of genius which if I hadn't been in that intensive period of focusing on my business might not have crystallized as well as it did.

And so having your guidance on that path was really helpful because I'm not sure if I would have been able to connect the dots if I hadn't been in that process.

Q: What stretched you and tested you the most during our work together?

A: A really key point was figuring myself out, to have that clarity. You know, in my work, I teach who do you need to be in order to get what you want. So then I really had to do that on myself.

Q: What is something that you did not expect you would get?

A: Everything was a surprise. Seeing my own gifts was the big surprise. People think they want to coach and they just create the website and you're like, "No, no, no! "You don't create the website. "You have to do all that pre-work." And that was really helpful, to be guided through the process.

Q: What are the top two insights or pieces of wisdom that you will carry in your heart?

A: I feel like it was the un-peeling, the unraveling to see that this was something that I would be good at, and having the support structure to get there to reveal my gift, that was the biggest take away.