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High Return On Happiness • A Six-figure Business with High ROH
4-Part Live Webinar • Q&A


What are the 8 classic mis-ordered steps online entrepreneurs make? Register and find out live!
Save yourself from random busyness.





MAY 10, 2017 • LIVE TRAINING • Q&A

What are Ellany's numbers: income, hours worked, ROI, Return on Happiness (ROH) and Return on Freedom (ROF)? Register and find out live!
Save yourself from perfectionism.


MAY 17, 2017 • LIVE TRAINING • Q&A

Does your business have the "It" Factor? Is it in the Freedom Quadrant? Register and find out live!
Save yourself from going too far down the wrong path.


MAY 24, 2017 • LIVE TRAINING • Q&A

How do organic iterations ensure that everything you create sells? Register and find out live!
Save yourself from overwhelm.


MAY 31, 2017 • Q&A

What have you learned? How can you apply the learning to your business? Register and I'll coach you live!
Save yourself from... yourself.



Want the numbers, the process, and the inside scoop into Ellany Lea's Six-figure lifestyle business?
Gift of $850 value for live participants!


From Past Live Webinars...

Thank you SO much for the webinar -- it was both inspirational and practical. I'll consider carefully the wisdom you've passed on and keep moving forward! – Annette


Oh Ellany, your training was wonderful – I admire how easy you make things look like. What a fantastic role model you are for me! – Maria


Wow I’m so glad I jumped on the training call today. Thanks for your insight. By the way, I loved the “self care budget” tip. xoxo – Rosalyn


Aww Ellany, you blend humor with wisdom with vulnerability and you make it seem so easy. I'm so looking forward to the next one. Please don't ever stop hosting these. – Julianna


7 Painful Ways your Immigrant Parents Stifled your Wealth

There’s a limit to penny-pinching. You can’t out-frugal your way to wealth! You can’t listen to your immigrant parents’ “when I came to this country with $5 in my pocket” advice to be truly wealthy AND happy AND free.
So many overachievers aren't successful AND happy AND free because of:
  1. the role that was dumped on you
  2. the overcompensating that was required of you
  3. the diverted focus that was asked of you
  4. the compass that got miscalibrated (not your fault!)
  5. the burden that wasn’t yours to carry
  6. the operating mode that was expected of you
  7. and the opening line that you inherited

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6 Keys Behind the Psychology of Freedom

Everyone wants financial freedom, right? No, no they don’t. They’re very content and they don’t aspire to more. They’re very grateful for what they already have and may even be happier than the lot of us go-getters with insatiable ambition. So they’re good, right? No... not really.

So many don’t strive for financial freedom because of:

  1. the two things that would happen if you declared your freedom
  2. the one emotion that is hardest to be with
  3. the one dread that is playing tricks on you
  4. the biggest barrier that you set up for yourself
  5. the handbreak that will stop all your momentum
  6. the delusion of torment
  7. the one family inheritance that you can’t seem to shake off

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4 Shame Shield Stunting your Business Boom

Why is your coaching business not growing at the pace you want it to? Discover the 4 ways shame stunts your business success and what to do about it!

  1. The one missing piece that needs follow through to build your social proof
  2. The biggest thing you keep avoiding because you're embarrassed of it
  3. The one system that will transform tire kickers into buyers
  4. The most important exercise to generate a tribe of loyal followers

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6 Ways to Simplify your Online Business

Why do you implement certain teachings, but avoid others? Discover the 6 simplified tools that will keep you motivated to follow through on your six-figure business!

  1. The one strategy that will eliminate overwhelm
  2. The simplest action that will guarantee consistent results
  3. The must-do (and free) self-assessment that reveals your top areas of self-sabotage
  4. The most important system you could ever set up for business success
  5. The toolbox that will give way to more ease, creativity, and results
  6. The renewable fuel that will motivate you for the entire journey

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6 Mindset Myths to Massive Profits

Why is your online business profit not soaring? Because you've done things backwards, in the wrong order. We all have. I definitely have. Discover the 6 costly myths of massive profit and how to flip them around!

  1. The most valuable treasure to claim upfront
  2. The two most important people to recruit to your team right away
  3. The most deadly thought that prevents you from achieving simplicity
  4. The most forgotten budget to set aside from the beginning
  5. The most liberating asset you'll own in your online business
  6. The one person to perpetually say no to

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8 Spiritual Hoops to Jump through to Upgrade your Business

Did you wake up struck by lightning with a brilliant idea that will upgrade your business to the next level? Learn about the 8 hoops you’ll jump through each time you upgrade your business and how to make each jump simpler, easier and more fun!

  1. The first thing to expect and count on
  2. The two cups to refill
  3. The big girl pants to pull up
  4. The booby trap of opportunities
  5. The calm amidst the storm
  6. The ultimate surrender
  7. The first fear to let go of
  8. The final acceptance of truth

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5 Ingredients to Prevent Business Burnout

Does your business have the “it” factors?
Most businesses don’t make it past 5 years. Does your business have the 5 essential ingredients to prevent your business from fizzling out and prevent you from burning out? Oh the things I wish I knew 8 years ago! :O

  1. The source ingredient to fuel it all
  2. The delusional ingredient
  3. The turn-a-blind-eye ingredient
  4. The in-to-on ingredient
  5. The wonderment ingredient
  6. The one person to perpetually say no to

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5 Organic Stages of Accumulating Online Wealth

Do you yearn to travel the world while being nourished by the prosperity of your online business? Does your online business currently feel like a screaming toddler having temper tantrums regularly? Here's the surest pathway to build wealth in your online business.

  1. Stage 1: The place where everyone starts
  2. Stage 2: The very top and the very bottom
  3. Stage 3: The high leverage
  4. Stage 4: The residual pathway
  5. Stage 5: The self-sustaining plateau

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My greatest takeaway is... Thanks for putting up the busyness tracker. I've been very inspired by all the things you've covered today. Christiana


My greatest takeaway is... Outgrowing your circles of influence and feeling good about saying NO. Incredible webinar - many thanks to you! Jan


My greatest takeaway is... Just start. 'Plant that tree'. Brianna


My greatest takeaway is... I have two: 1) What can look like a fear of failure is instead a fear of success. 2) "I can’t do it alone" !!!!! :) – Stephanie


My greatest takeaway is... The role that surrender plays in business success--new to me! I've always focused on "do, do, do more!" Thanks, Ellany, this was wonderful and so informative! -- Kate


My greatest takeaway is... Expanding my network. I realized I had missed opportunities to connect with others who have similar interests. Thank you. -- Virginia