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Reclaim your Sovereignty from your Wounded Child Archetypes

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Name the wound. Shed the lie. Free the soul.


Shed False Identities

Are you spinning from busyness, drowning in overwhelm or suffocated by perfectionism during a creative pursuit or business upgrade?

Are there people or "entities" siphoning your time, stealing your peace, and blocking your path to fulfilling freedom?

You don't need 12 years of therapy. There's a simpler way.

Take the comprehensive assessment to identify your top 3 wounded child archetypes to shift from victim to victorious.

Then download the WCA guidebook for a list of perpetuating behaviors, false identities to shed, healing mantras, and dozens of maturation and integration practices to alchemize suffering into superpower! ⤵︎

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The Unsafe Child

Hi, I'm Ellany, success coach, modern mystic and digital nomad Yoda.

I know that if you truly felt safe, you would say what you want to say and create how you want to create, without fear of witch burning, pitch fork persecution or center stage crucifixion! This is because the Unsafe Child:

  • Suffers from hyper-vigilance
  • Discloses intimate details before others have earned her trust
  • Takes a lot of uncalculated risks, with few safety nets
  • Enmeshes too quickly without setting wholesome boundaries

You have wounds. You are not your wounds. That's why I crafted a simplified quiz and guidebook for women, by women, to guide you to reclaim your sovereignty.

These 72 lightning questions (~ 10 min) were handmade for you, my fellow founder, overachiever, self-development junkie, entrepreneur, and freedom seeker. You can maturate and integrate these wounded child archetypes, gracefully. ⤵︎

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Unleash Your Masterclass

Wounded Child Archetypes is part of Unleash Your Masterclass, our signature program to alchemize the depth + beauty of your soul into a meaningful masterclass, gracefully.

Part 1 • Create the Master
A quest of spiritual authenticity, emotional freedom and mental peace

Part 2 • Create the business Lab
A quest of brand originality, daring leadership and product sequencing

Part 3 • Create the Masterclass
A quest of creative freedom, financial prosperity, and meaningful legacy

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