A Wounded Child Archetype is a set of thoughts, traits and behaviours imprinted in childhood (by unconscious parental or cultural conditioning) that falsely defined you.

False Identities to Release

I am a bother 💭

It’s best if I’m gone 💭

I am a burden 💭


Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound?

🌀  Stay small and mousy, so not to make noise, make waves or bother anyone.

🌀  Extraordinarily capable and self-reliant, rarely creating support systems that allow others to give to me, thus feeling alone and isolated (curse of self-sufficiency).

🌀  Feel obligated to jump in and rescue / fix everything that is wrong, unable not to.

🌀  Lack trust, unable to lean on others, fearing enormity my needs / desires.

🌀  Heard parents often argue loudly and/or violently about (lack of) money.

🌀  Rarely express most vulnerable self.

🌀  Live minimally, even depriving self, so not to burden spouse, parents, work, nature.

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Unintended Impact

Unintended Impact is how others may react or project onto this Wounded Child Archetype.

⚡️  Others don’t initiate giving to me because they assume I have it all together or don’t need / desire anything

⚡️  Others feel excluded by my self-reliance

⚡️  Others dump all their issues and problems on me to fix

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Gifts of the Wound

🎁  Extremely independent, self-reliant, resourceful and creative

🎁  Make others feel cherished and cared for, as if they can finally breath again

🎁  Capable of undertaking massive complex projects, with out-of-this-world success

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.


Integration Practices

If you recognize this archetype in yourself, here are some practices to maturate and integrate that Wounded Child Archetype.

🌹 Select relationships that are equally giving and receiving, where neither is a burden to the other.

🌹 Connect deeply and welcome with love my feelings / needs / desires, knowing they are valid, reasonable, and essential to my well being and to the blossoming of the world.

🌹 Fulfill my own needs / desires which empowers self to see my true strength.

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.


Assessment + Guidebook


Identify your top Wounded Child Archetype and access the full guidebook.




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