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Structure simplifies. Clarity liberates.


Are You a Freedom Seeker?

There are 11 types of freedom at the intersection of enlightenment, entrepreneurship and enchantment:

  • Time freedom, Geographical freedom, Spiritual freedom,
  • Creative freedom, Financial freedom, Professional freedom,
  • Emotional freedom, Mental freedom, Physical freedom,
  • Patriarchal freedom and Cultural freedom.

Freedompreneurship is the spiritual quest that will take you there. Grace will be your master guide.


"Grace will take you places hustling can’t."
– Elizabeth Gilbert




What is Grace?

Grace is the convergence of ease, peace, joy, truth and trust.

How would you rather do business: whip yourself like an ox pushing a boulder uphill or flow on the river of grace? 😉

For women founders, overachievers, entrepreneurs and freedom seekers, grace will guide you to first liberate themselves, then your business, and then the world. Sequence matters.

Freedompreneurship might will take a few iterations, but I promise you with ever fiber of the cosmos, it is well worth doing.

Start the Unleash Your Freedom masterclass to evolve from burnt out one-woman-show to joyful freedompreneur, through grace. ⤵︎

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Unleash Your Freedom, Gracefully

A 12-week journey to build an unshakable foundation for freedompreneurship done gracefully.


Soul Sanctuary

Hi, I'm Ellany, freedom coach, modern mystic and digital nomad Yoda.

My dream is that you become soooooo free that your presence automatically liberates others.

I founded Guide to Grace to provide you a safe sanctuary for women founders, overachievers and freedom seekers to unleash the depth and beauty of their soul and alchemize that into lifestyle freedom, gracefully.

It is the pre-requisite course for Unleash Your Masterclass.

Start you freedom warrior training today! ⤵︎

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Structure simplifies. Clarity liberates.



Curriculum Details


Freedom Fundamentals • Pack 4 essential freedom tools so you're ready for this freedom quest


The Hero's Journey • Understand the nature and perils of a quest so you know in advance what is to come


10 Guideposts of Grace • Ditch patriarchy and walk toward ease, peace, joy, truth and trust


Power of Sequencing • Do the right things in the right order to arrive at freedom destination


The Heroine's Journey • Re-integrating the feminine with the masculine so you arrive whole


Boutique Lifestyle Mindset • Recalibrate your definitions of success so your lifestyle matches your soulprint


Power of Surrender • Trust and surrender to your unfolding so actualize your sacred contract


The Liberator's Journey • Evolve from freedom seeker to liberator so you become a teacher/guide for others


Masterclass Recalibration • Stop hoarding your wisdom. Release it, teach it, deepen it.


Power of Iterations • Allow organic iterations to grow and add the 'master' to masterclass


Tao of Creativity • Understand the paths and roadblocks of creativity so you unleash your masterclass


Faces of Fears • Illuminate all the shadow faces of fear so you are freed from egoic illusion


Deepen and fast-track your freedom!

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You only are free
when you realize you belong
no place — you belong every place —
no place at all.
The price is high.
The reward is great.

– Maya Angelou


Unleash Your Masterclass

Unleash Your Freedom is the foundational course for Unleash Your Masterclass, our signature program to alchemize the depth + beauty of your soul into a meaningful masterclass, gracefully.

Part 1 • Create the Master
A quest of spiritual authenticity, emotional freedom and mental peace

Part 2 • Create the business Lab
A quest of brand originality, daring leadership and product sequencing

Part 3 • Create the Masterclass
A quest of creative freedom, financial prosperity, and meaningful legacy

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