I build and believe in a world where...


... every woman feels cherished and championed to unleash her genius, so it lightens and frees the world.

Ellany's Unique Approach

Free your genius. Free the world. This is how we do it ⤵︎

Master Sublime Courage

As your Phoenix Whisperer, we are here to fan your flames. We guide and champion you on the treacherous Heroine's Journey to:

  • Rise through every death + rebirth
  • Alchemize wounds into wisdom and gifts
  • Develop a soul with stamina
  • Triumph as a champion of freedom







Fear not the flames.
You are the fire.

– Ellany Lea


Grace will take you places hustling can't.

– Elizabeth Gilbert

Surrender into Grace

As your Guide to Grace, we are here to guard your soul and demystify the human experience. We will teach you how to:

  • Let go of all that is not meant for you
  • Trust your unique unfolding
  • Break so open that there is no return
  • Reweave the threads of your destiny with grace

Retune to Truth

As your Master Tuner, we are here to restore you to your original wholeness and glory. We will guide you to:

  • Discern. Discern. Discern.
  • Shed and reinvent identities
  • Reclaim all 4 Types of Knowing
  • Return Home to your truest Self

Just because you can,
doesn't mean you should.

– Ellany Lea

You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.

– Maya Angelou

Reclaim Innocence

As your Genius Sanctuary, we are the safest place on Earth to set your genius free. Here, you can put down the sky down and learn to:

  • Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.
  • Unshackle patriarchy and filial piety
  • Nurture the intimacy with your soul
  • Emerge shiny and new again!


Co-Create through Joy + Play

As your Masterpiece Doula, we are here to help birth the depth + beauty of your soul into your life's masterpiece.

Through shenanigans, soulstorming, delight, and joyful co-creation, we will guide you to:

  • Trust and sustain your creative fire
  • Follow curiosity down select rabbit holes
  • Sync to the natural rhythms of creativity

  • Celebrate all forms of self-expression











Creativity is intelligence
having fun.

– Albert Einstein