What is your story?


What is your creative offering?


What is your Opportestiny?

Opportestiny (n.)

Opportunity + test + destiny, all at once rolled into one

This is my story.

This is my creative offering.

This is my Opportestiny ⤵︎

Ellany Lea - Spiritual Intelligence 4 Types of Knowing

Dear Overachiever,


Success and fulfillment are not about how high you climb, but how far you have come compared to... yourself... 10 years ago.

For this quest, I offer you sublime courage, graceful ease, illuminating truth, fierce reclamation, and joyful co-creation.

Together, let's free your genius so it frees the world! I'll cherish, champion and guide you every step of the way. 🌹

xo, Ella

Unleash Your Freedom Masterclass

Unleash Your Freedom is a customized masterclass for Overachievers, Phoenixes, Wisdom Keepers, Entrepreneurs and Creatives to live fierce, fulfilled and free.

Product-Unleash-Your-Freedom     Product-Unleash-Your-Genius     Product-Unleash-Your-Creativity     Product-Unleash-Your-Brand     Product-Unleash-Your-Masterclass


    Tao of Creativity

    Identify creative blockages to let ideas flow

  • 10 Types of Freedom

    Assess your freedom to focus in your next step

  • Fulfillment Chessboard

    Examine your reinventions to redirect toward freedom

  • SFS Step 3 • Busyness Tracker • Sanity

    SFS Step 3 • Busyness Tracker • Freedom


    Busyness Tracker

    Time block the week to reclaim peaceful space for creativity

  • Wounded-Child-Archetypes-Book-Quiz-Set

    Wounded Child Archetypes

    Shed false identities to maturate the heart

  • UYF 4 Types of Knowing - Table

    4 Types of Knowing

    Inventory inner knowing to reclaim missing pieces

  • Fears Drilldown - Unmasking the 25 Faces of Fear

    Labyrinth of Fears

    Unmask the 25 faces of fear to amplify courage

  • UYF Branding Deck Template

    Branding Deck

    Assemble a concise deck to precisely articulate founder's vision

  • Branding-with-Sacred-Archetypes-Wheel

    Branding with Sacred Archetypes

    Select brand archetypes to own your originality

  • UYM Wisdom Inventory - 5 Freedom Factors

    Wisdom Inventory

    Gather wisdom/tools to assemble a unique teaching toolbox

  • UYF Product Suite - Solar System

    Product Suite

    Present your offer to matchmake clients with their needs

Fast-track your Freedom

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