Imagine a world where...

... every woman feels cherished and championed to unleash her genius, so that it lightens and frees the world. ⤵︎

She Walks Her Talk

Ellany Lea, PCC, CPCC, CDTLF, CDWF, is a Phoenix Whisperer, Master Freedompreneur, Genius Liberator, and Reinvention Coach.

She has lived, worked and traveled 131 countries, 87 emotions, 46.5 traumas, and 16 careers. Every other day, she wonders, "How am I even alive?!?"

Sought for her crystal clarity, wise insights, inspiring stories, and compassionate guidance, Ellany champions women overachievers, phoenixes, wisdom keepers, and entrepreneurs to live fierce, fulfilled and free.

Her customized program Unleash Your Freedom guides women to free her genius, so it frees the world!

Off Paper...

Ella is a modern "mystic out of monastery", first generation skyholder, gifted polymath, and recovered achievaholic.

She reads/implements a book a week and has kept a daily gratitude journal since 1999, with over 24,000 entries that make her craugh* out loud.

Peanut butter and jelly socks are her favorite object on planet Earth. She can finish Super Mario Bros 3 in one sitting. And if sleeping were an Olympic sport, she'd sweep all the medals. 🥇🥇🥇


Ella speaks English, Mandarin, French and Spanish. And  studied Japanese, Kinyarwanda and Korean, just because 🤓.

* Crying + laughing at the same time

Training + Certifications

Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator

with Dr. Brené Brown

Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

with Dr. Brené Brown

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) + Certification Mentor

Certified Rising Strong™ Facilitator

with Dr. Brené Brown

Co-Active Professional Coaching Certification (CPCC) + Certification Mentor

Co-Active Leadership Certification

Certified Antigravity Yoga Instructor

Engineering + Entrepreneurship

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

– Joseph Campbell

Lifelong Learning + Training



Mastery Level

  • Coaching  /  Inner Mastery  /  Time Freedom  /  Life by Design
  • Tao of Creativity  /  Flow  /  Creative Longevity
  • Spiritual Intelligence (SoulQ)  /  Sacred Archetypes  /  Sacred Contracts
  • Parts Integration  /  Brand Archetypes  /  Wounded Child Archetypes  /  Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • DEI  /  Development of Gifted Adults  /  Neurodivergence  /  Multi-potentiality
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  /  Positive Intelligence (PQ)  /  Social Intelligence (SQ)  /  Emotional Resilience
  • Mindful Self-Compassion™  /  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)  /  Vipassana Silent Meditation
  • Narrative Medicine  /  Heroine's Journey  /  The Artist's Way
  • Psycho-therapy  /  Attachment Theory  /  Polyvagal Theory  /  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)  /  Complex PTSD  /  Intergenerational Trauma
  • Authentic Leadership  /  Business Sustainability

Fluency Level

  • Martial Arts  /  Wu Wei  /  Tai Chi  /  Zen Buddhism  /  I Ching
  • Human Design  /  Astrology  /  Numerology
  • Neuro-science  /  Somatic Experiencing™  /  Embodiment
  • Plant Medicines (Ayahuasca, Rapé, Kambo, Bufo, San Pedro, Cacao)
  • Holotrophic Breathwork  /  Somatic Respiratory Integration (SRI)
  • Energetic Intelligence  /  Energy Alchemy  /  Reiki  /  Distance Healing
  • Lucid Dreaming  /  Sensory Deprivation Therapy
  • Antigravity Yoga  /  Aerial Silks  /  Reformer Pilates
  • Vegetarianism  /  Functional Medicine  /  Holistic Massage
  • Homeopathy  /  Naturopathy  /  Aromatherapy  /  Crystal Therapy


Explorer Level

  • Shamanism  /  Past Life Regression  /  Rebirthing  /  Temascal (Sweat Lodge)
  • Birth Chart Reading  /  Akashic Records  /  Kabbalah  /  Channelling
  • Acroyoga  /  NIA Dance  /  Pilates  /  Kundalini Yoga
  • Feng Shui  /  Reflexology  /  Acupuncture  /  Chinese Medicine
  • Light Therapy  /  Float Tank  /  Salt Caves  /  Runes  /  Equine Therapy
  • Anthropology  /  Spiral Dynamics
  • Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

  • Neuro-feedback  / EFT Tapping

  • Veganism

She trespassed everywhere.

– Sue Monk Kidd

Her 16 Career Re-Inventions

Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-131-Seychelles  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-130-Mauritius  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-129-Madagascar  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-128-Mozambique  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-127-Eswatini  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-126-Lesotho  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-125-Qatar  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-124-Equatorial-Guinea  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-123-Sao-Tome  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-122-Angola  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-121-DRC  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-120-Congo  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-119-Gabon  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-118-Cameroon  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-117-Sierra Leone  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-116-Guinea  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-115-Guinea-Bissau   Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-114-The Gambia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-113-Senegal  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-112-Mauritania  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-111-Cabo Verde  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-110-Kazakhstan   Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-109-Kyrgyzstan   Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-108-Tajikistan  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-107-Uzbekistan  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-106-Malta  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-105-Tunisia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-104-Guatemala  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-103-El Salvador  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-102-Honduras  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-101-Belize  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-100.5-Curacao  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-100-Suriname  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-99-Guyana  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-98-Trinidad Tobago  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-97-Grenada  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-96-St. Lucia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-95-St. Vincent  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-94-Barbados  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-93-Dominica  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-92-St. Kitts Nevis  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-91-Antigua  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-90-Jamaica  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-89-Dominican Republic  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-88-Haiti  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-87-Cuba  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-86-Ukraine  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-85-Belarus  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-84-Russia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-83-Lithuania  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-82-Latvia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-81-Estonia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-80-Finland  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-79-Norway  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-78-Iceland  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-76-Poland  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-75-Moldova  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-74-Romania  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-73-San Marino  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-72-Andorra  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-71-Monaco  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-70-Bulgaria  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-69-Macedonia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-68-Serbia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-67-Albania  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-66-Slovenia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-65-Ireland  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-64-Panama  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-63-Uruguay  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-62-Paraguay  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-61-Argentina  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-60-Colombia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-59-Spain  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-57-Portugal  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-56-Liechstenstein  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-55-Switzerland  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-54-Bosnia Herzegovina  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-53-Montenegro  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-52-Croatia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-51-Turkey  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-50-Jordan  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-49-UAE  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-48-Myanmar  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-47-Indonesia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-46-Philippines  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-45-South Korea  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-44-Japan  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-43-Brazil  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-42-Chile  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-41-Greece  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-40-Italy  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-39-Bolivia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-38-Peru  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-37-Nicaragua  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-36-Costa Rica  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-35-Denmark  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-34-Germany  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-33-Netherlands  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-32-Bahamas  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-31-Sweden  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-30-Laos  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-29-Cambodia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-28-Czech-Republic  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-27-Slovakia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-26-Austria  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-25-India  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-24-Nepal  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-23-Ecuador  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-22-Mexico  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-21-Tanzania  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-20-Kenya  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-19-Rwanda  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-18-China  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-17-Malaysia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-16-Zambia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-15-Zimbabwe  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-14-Botswana  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-13-Namibia  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-12-South-Africa  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-11-Egypt  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-10-United-Kingdom  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-09-Belgium  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-08-Luxembourg  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-07-Vietnam  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-06-Thailand  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-05-Singapore  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-04-Fiji  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-03-France  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-02-USA  Ellany-Lea-Country-Count-01-Canada

Phoenix Whisperer

Rise Phoenix, rise! We are here to fan your flames. We champion and guide you on the treacherous Heroine's Journey to actualize your genius. 

You'll alchemize wounds into wisdom and fears into freedom. You'll evolve from freedom seeker to liberator.







Bless the largeness inside me, no matter how I fear it.

– Sue Monk Kidd

What does it take to be the first female anything? It takes grit, and it takes grace.

– Meryl Streep

Guide to Grace

We are spiritual guardians, here to translate and articulate the mysteries of your soul.

Iteration after iteration, you'll practice trust and surrender. You'll learn to navigate identity re-invention in peace with grace.


Master Tuner

We are your tuning fork, here to restore all your "grand piano" Parts in harmony, so that you unleash your original masterpiece.

You'll reclaim your sovereignty and know that you had it right, aaaaaall along.


A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.

– Coco Chanel

These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.

– Najwa Zebian

Renewal Sanctuary

We are the safest place on Earth to remember who you truly are. Here, you can put the sky down and be cared for.

You'll re-emerge shiny and new, fierce and free,  as the fully self-expressed badass that you always were!

Shenanigans Partner

We are masterful creatives, here to alchemize the depth and beauty of your soul into fulfilling impact and lifestyle freedom!

Through soulstorming and joyful co-creatin, you'll trust and sustain your creative fire.





Creativity is intelligence
having fun.

– Albert Einstein