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Are you struggling with...

Wisdom Hoarding

Are you buried under yeeeeeears of teachings, tools, research, and wisdom, but not sure why?

Unclear Calling

Did you survive a "Dark Night of the Soul" and got called to guide others, but not sure how? 

Creative Chaos

Do you have a longing or sudden urge to create something meaningful, but not sure what?

Identity Crisis

Is your potential / genius lost at sea, sinking in identity crises and to-do lists?

Time Leakage

Are time, impact, ideas and opportunities slipping through your fingers?

Swirling Madness

Are you pressing the gas pedal with handbrake on, spinning in circles?

Analysis Paralysis

Are you stuck in a maze of too many choices, not sure where to restart?

Inner War

Are you yanked in every direction, at war with parts of yourself?

Show me the depth and beauty of your soul and  I'll show you freedom.
– Ellany Lea

Program Benefits

Unleash Your Freedom is a high touch, customized enrichment and training program that alchemizes the depth and beauty of your soul into fulfilling impact and lifestyle freedom.

It's your evolution from freedom seeker to liberator! Arrive as an entrepreneur. Graduate as a freedompreneur.

Inspiring Impact

Feel rewarded and fulfilled, having unleashed your Knowing into a masterclass or masterpiece

Completed Alchemy

Feel triumphant relief, having alchemized wounds into wisdom through a meaningful creative pursuit

Brand Clarity

Feel expanded and uplifted, having imprinted your purpose and originality on the world

Identity Renewal

Feel shiny and new again, having integrated mind, heart, body and soul into harmony

Time Freedom

Feel spacious and free, having reclaimed your time, peace, agency, and lifestyle

Confident Success

Feel delighted and satisfied, having embodied self-worth and the 4 Types of Knowing


Feel alive and inspired, having reclaimed creative permission and sustainable flow/process

Inner Mastery

Feel peaceful and grounded, having built a business by way of joy, grace and spiritual intelligence

Fierce and Free Grads

Custom Curriculum

Ellany and our senior coaches attune to your unique soulprint and guide you to unleash YOUR genius, brand, masterclass, and masterpiece, to free yourself and the world!


As a shiny squirrel chaser, where do I even start?

Tao of Creativity

Name creative blockages to discern which ideas to turn into a product

10 Types of Freedom

Assess your sense of freedom to chose what to focus on and upgrade

5 Freedom Factors

Filter and quick sort your ideas to flex decisiveness and Knowing


Identify inner parts and conflicts to become whole and decisive


Map out time slots to reclaim space, peace and creative flow

Priority Workflow

Re-sequence priorities to create smooth and stable workflow

Quotient (SOULQ)

Assess and upshift ego-to-soul scale to experience more ease and flow

Wounded Child

Name and shed wounded identities and behaviours to free the soul


Filter down to truest values to simplify decision-making

Wall of

Inventory + celebrate your greatness to raise confidence and self-worth

Memory Purge

List + burn negative money memories to grow prosperity consciousness


Name + cast your Sacred Contracts to clarify purpose and evolve


As an Alice in Wonderland, how do I reach the white rabbit?

Creative Devotion

Learn 14 lessons on devotion to joyfully birth your masterpiece

S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Pacing

Create a project tracker to pace and enjoy the creative marathon

Flow Zones

Sketch your optimal Flow zones to widen your genius transmission

4 Types of Knowing

Inventory existing Knowing of patterns to identify missing Knowing

Stress Responses

Design a new stress response to reenter your Creative Zone faster

Trauma Responses

Understand trauma responses to re-cultivate sense of safety

Triple A's of Freedom

Practice one aspect of Acceptance to stretch your freedom


Practice one aspect of Acceptance to minimize regret

Labyrinth of Fears

Unmask the 25 faces of fear to shift from reactive to creative energy


As a freedom seeker, who am I here to liberate?


Develop a quality over quantity mindset to create high-value products

Branding Deck

Assemble a concise deck to clearly communicate founder's vision


Articulate unique contribution and impact to attract same purpose clients

Branding With SACRED Archetypes

Discover and choose resonant brand archetypes to own your originality

Unique Approach

Articulate your unique approach to establish your signature brand

Ideal Client Avatar

Clearly name ideal client to focus and tend to the best-fit audience

Ideal Client
Avatar Filter

Filter prospects to maximize synergistic success and brand recognition


Clarify your roles and titles to amplify resonance with clients’ needs

Dream Team

Recruit synergistic members for creative longevity and lifestyle freedom


As a lifelong learner, what am I here to teach?

Wisdom Inventory

Gather all inner wisdom in one "home" to create a clear teaching toolbox

Masterclass Outline

Structure your wisdom inventory into an outline to clearly guide clients

Masterclass Development

Develop and polish your modules for optimal client learning and growth

Product Suite

Present your products / services menu to guide clients to the best-fit offer

Inner Bankers

Identify inner pricing team members to elevate pricing decisions

Freedom Calculator

Set sweet spot numbers to set up lifestyle freedom


Set sweet spot pricing to materialize lifestyle freedom


Set sweet spot profit ratios to track and sustain lifestyle freedom

Multi-system Chaos

Simplify and integrate e-systems to reclaim time, peace and sanity

Rivers need banks to flow.
If you are the river, we are your banks.
– Ellany Lea

Enrollment + Pricing




Best for • Liberating structures, wisdom and insights

Unleash Your Freedom Masterclass

Includes instant access to:

Unleash Your Genius
Unleash Your Masterpiece

Unleash Your Brand

Unleash Your Masterclass
Lifetime access and module upgrades

Curriculum • Self-paced



air traffic control co-pilot 

Best for • Guidance, clarity, and direction on specific topics 🐇

Unleash Your Freedom Masterclass
7x Live Coaching Sessions
(45min via Zoom)
7x Written Coaching Sessions
(via Google Doc)

Frequency • As needed

Duration • Valid up to 1 year

Time Slot • Book on e-calendar

Curriculum • Custom tailored




Best for • Guidance, clarity, and co-creative power on large creations 🐢

Unleash Your Freedom Masterclass
18x Live Coaching Sessions
(45min via Zoom)
18x Written Coaching Sessions
(via Google Doc)

Frequency • Every 2-3 weeks

Duration • 6-12 months

Time Slot • Dedicated

Curriculum • Custom tailored

We don't have to do all of it alone.
We were never meant to.

Brené Brown

About Ellany

Ellany has lived and traveled in 131 countries and coached hundreds of overachievers, freedom seekers, entrepreneurs and way showers to free their genius, so that it frees the world.

With deep insights, high EQ, and vast spiritual agility, she guides you to navigate identity, creativity and freedompreneurship, gracefully and joyfully.

Unleash Your Freedom is the alchemy of:

  • a decade of intense, uninterrupted self-development, leadership, and spiritual intelligence training,
  • an Everest of wisdom from Ellany's 16 career re-inventions, 108 liberation tools, and 301 knowing reclamations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For clarifications not covered in Program Description above or FAQ below, feel free to contact us directly.

Self-study • Enroll anytime / Start anytime
1-on-1 • Enroll anytime / Start ~2 weeks after enrollment to ensure sufficient time/space to complete Prep Pack

You decide how much time/energy you want to invest into your freedom, since you're the one to reap your harvest. At minimum, you'll need:
• 30min to read through each assigned module
• 45min for 1-on-1 coaching sessions
• time you set to complete each custom mini-quest.

Out of courtesy to our Fierce and Free Community, and in alignment with our terms, you can reschedule your coaching session(s) at anytime with 48 hours notice. Otherwise, you forfeit the session.

Of course! Grads return for wisdom boosters, timeless tools, and joyful renewals whenever needed. Email Ellany for special pricing and enrollment link.

Then sign up for Freedom Fundamentals: 6 Essential Keys to Freedom. It's a free mini-masterclass that every client/student completes before beginning their coaching programs. You might as well get a head start!

For New ClientsNo, alchemy and liberation won't root and stick with just one single session.

For GradsYes, clients who have completed a Fast-track or Comprehensive program can book a single session. Email Ellany for Grad Pack pricing and enrollment link.

No. Ellany will only invite you to enroll if you score a 91% match or higher to our Program(s). Feel free to review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.