Your Opportestiny

Unleash your Masterpiece • Sustain your Creative Joy • Live Fierce and Free

To free your genius so it frees the world

Do you wonder...

Why am I here?

Who am I?

Where is Home?

How do I be free?

What do I offer?

Then Opportestiny is for you!

Opportestiny is a masterclass for women overachievers, phoenixes, wisdom keepers and entrepreneurs to unleash your soul's masterpiece.

Together, we alchemize your life's opportunity + test + destiny into a masterpiece that frees your genius and frees the world. ⤵︎

Before Opportestiny™

Trapped Calling

Wisdom Hoarding

Creative Chaos

Opportunity Loss

Genius Atrophy

Analysis Paralysis

Gas Pedal + Handbrake

Tug of War

After Opportestiny™

Triumphant Alchemy

Elegant transmission of wisdom

Clear Impact

Original, purposeful and lasting brand

Fulfillment by design

Inspiring and meaningful work and life

Lifestyle Freedom

Spacious time, peace and agency

Identity Renewal

Authentic aliveness and integrated wholeness

Creative Longevity

Sustainable flow and permission

Ageless Confidence

Graceful knowing, resilience and vitality

Inner Mastery

Joyful and powerful co-creation

Opportestiny Masterclass

Opportestiny is the fusion of: spiritual kintsugi, artistic alchemy, and entrepreneurial freedom.

 It guides women to unleash your soul's masterpiece, your way. It can be a business, book, brand, revolution, creative pursuit, or all of the above. 👊

Courageously • Gracefully • Truthfully • Sustainably • Playfully


As a phoenix soul,
why am I here?

You are here to free your world.

Tao of Creativity

Name creative blockages to discern which ideas to turn into a product

10 Types of Freedom

Assess your sense of freedom to chose what to focus on and upgrade

Fulfillment Chessboard

Filter and quick sort your ideas to flex decisiveness and Knowing

Freedom is the only law which genius knows.

– James Russell Lowell


As a creative non-conformist,
who am I?

You are the unleashing of your genius.

Parts Integration

Identify inner parts and conflicts to become whole and decisive

Busyness Tracker

Map out time slots to reclaim space, peace and creative flow

Priority Workflow

Re-sequence priorities to create smooth and stable workflow

Quotient (SOULQ)

Assess and upshift ego-to-soul scale to experience more ease and flow

Wounded Child

Name and shed wounded identities and behaviours to free the soul


Filter down to truest values to simplify decision-making

Wall of

Inventory + celebrate your greatness to raise confidence and self-worth

Money Memory Purge

List + burn negative money memories to grow prosperity consciousness

Sacred Contracts

Name + cast your Sacred Contracts to clarify purpose and evolve

That's the goal, to survive your gift.

Itzhak Perlman


As an Alice in Wonderland,
where is Home?

Home is in the unleashing of your creativity.

Creative Devotion

Learn 14 lessons on devotion to joyfully birth your masterpiece

S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Pacing

Create a project tracker to pace and enjoy the creative marathon

Flow Zones

Sketch your optimal Flow zones to widen your genius transmission

4 Types of Knowing

Inventory existing Knowing of patterns to identify missing Knowing

Stress Responses

Design a new stress response to reenter your Creative Zone faster

Trauma Responses

Understand trauma responses to re-cultivate sense of safety

Triple A's of Freedom

Practice one aspect of Acceptance to stretch your freedom


Practice one aspect of Acceptance to minimize regret

Labyrinth of Fears

Unmask the 25 faces of fear to shift from reactive to creative energy

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

– Ellany Lea


As a freedom seeker,
how do I liberate others?

You liberate others by unleashing your brand.


Develop a high-value mindset to create more free time high-value products

Branding Deck

Assemble a concise deck to clearly communicate founder's vision

Founder's Stories

Reflect on meaningful stories to identify recurring life themes

Purpose Declaration

Articulate unique contribution and impact to attract same purpose clients

Branding With Sacred Archetypes

Discover and choose resonant brand archetypes to own your originality

Unique Approach

Articulate your unique approach to establish your signature brand

Ideal Client Avatar

Clearly name ideal client to focus and tend to the best-fit audience

Ideal Client
Avatar Filter

Filter prospects to maximize synergistic success and brand recognition

Founder's Hats

Clarify your roles and titles to amplify resonance with clients’ needs

Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.

– Rumi


As a lifelong learner,
what am I here to teach?

You teach the unleashing of your masterclass.

Wisdom Inventory

Gather all inner wisdom in one "home" to create a clear teaching toolbox

Masterclass Outline

Structure your wisdom inventory into an outline to clearly guide clients

Masterclass Development

Develop and polish your modules for optimal client learning and growth

Product Suite

Present your products / services menu to guide clients to the best-fit offer

Inner Bankers

Identify inner pricing team members to elevate pricing decisions

Freedom Calculator

Set sweet spot numbers to set up lifestyle freedom

Pricing Calculator

Set sweet spot pricing to materialize lifestyle freedom

Profit Calculator

Set sweet spot profit ratios to track and sustain lifestyle freedom

Multi-system Chaos

Simplify and integrate e-systems to reclaim time, peace and sanity


Rivers need banks to flow.
If you are the river, I am your banks.

– Ellany Lea

Enrollment Options

Product-Unleash-Your-Freedom       Product-Unleash-Your-Genius       Product-Unleash-Your-Creativity       Product-Unleash-Your-Brand       Product-Unleash-Your-Masterclass

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Product - Opportestiny Masterclass

Get a head start!

With 1-on-1 Coaching ⤵︎


Product - Lighthouse Coaching

All Masterclass Modules

1-on-1 Customized Curriculum

14 Written Coaching/Feedback (GDocs)

Eg. Weekly touchpoints for 3.5 months


Product - Fast-track Coaching

All Masterclass Modules

1-on-1 Customized Curriculum

1 Coaching Intensive (Zoom 4 hrs)

3 Coaching Sessions (Zoom 45min)

3 Written Coaching/Feedback (GDocs)


Product - Phoenix Coaching

All Masterclass Modules

1-on-1 Customized Curriculum

 16 Coaching Sessions (Zoom 45min)

16 Written Coaching/Feedback (GDocs)

Eg. Weekly touchpoints for 8 months

We don't have to do all of it alone.
We were never meant to.

– Brené Brown

More triumphs and success from our grads ⤵︎

Ranya Elan, M.Ed., PCC - Founder + Executive Coach + Leadership Consultant,

“I've spent many months gathering information from different sources and learning as much as I can to move my business forward and without a doubt, the last few hours I just spent with Ella helped me more than anything else I've done.

Ella helped me get clarity on what I needed to do, how I was going to do it, and most importantly, why I was doing it! I now feel more confident and clear about how I am going to grow my business and I'm sooo excited that I can't stop smiling. ;)”

Founder + Executive Coach + Leadership Consultant,

Dr. AJung Moon - Director, Responsible Autonomy & Intelligent System Ethics

“I reached out to Ellany when I was just about to give up on the career I had spent 10+ years building. I wanted some help figuring out my life while getting out of the prolonged state of hopelessness I was in. Just after two months, Ellany had me jumping with excitement about tomorrow with tons of tools I started using right away to prevent future burnouts. She's magic!”

Director, Responsible Autonomy & Intelligent System Ethics

Neeru Sharma - Executive Coach + Founder, Marya Leadership Academy

“Working with Ella has been one of the best personal and business decisions I have ever taken. I had been running my coaching practice for over 3 years, and was close to burn out. I love my work but found it challenging to define and honor my time and boundaries. Ella helped me liberate my genius so that I can create the impact I want to AND live the life of freedom I yearn.”

Executive Coach + Founder, Marya Leadership Academy

Lauri Smith - Intuitive Speaking & Leadership Coach, Voice Matters

“I was drawn to Ellany’s energy and her unique blend of coach, mentor, co-founder, and spiritual guide. I’d struggled with things like funnels for years and felt like there was no rhyme or reason to any of it. Ellany helped me realize that the way my soulmate clients and I find each other is part solar system, part frogger, with a whole lot of synchronicity - which feels magical, fun, and sustainable. Throughout our work together she helped guide me back into alignment with my intuition so I could design the strategy and take the aligned steps that work for me and nourish my Soul. ”

Intuitive Speaking & Leadership Coach, Voice Matters

Dr. Atika Scott De Martinville - Leadership Coach + Truth Seeker

“Ella has unique abilities to adapt, reflect and help others see what they don't see yet. She is a master in what she does, and helped me see what was needed next, step by step, with a warm and kind support, guidance, tools and structure.

I would recommend anyone who wants to create a program online to reach out to Ella. She walks her talk, meets you where you are, liberating what needs to be liberated and is able to take you where you are meant to go. She is an amazing liberator! Thank you Ella!”

Leadership Coach + Truth Seeker

Sara Bianchi - Founder + Chief, Driftwood

“Ella gave me her 100% and genuinely held me throughout the creation process and saw my magnificence when I could not. She is resilient, she gets me, she is always there, fun to work with, a source of strength, ideas, business advice and a faithful companion on whatever journey needs to happen.

She has this playful, wise, kickass energy about her that is just a delight to work with! Always insightful, motivating, cheering, going deep and transformative in her unique, blended ways that don't hold anything back of what she lived, learned, and felt as she did all the work herself first!”

Founder + Chief, Driftwood

Betsy Reed - Owner + Director, Big Sky Strategy

“Sooooo much has unfolded for me (and still is, and shall continue to) since our fast-track day. You truly unlocked the next level for me to go deeper - trust myself, trust the universe, seek my inner voice and listen to myself. I'm just getting started!

You especially guided me to let things unfold at the pace they’re meant to. Thank you, deeply.”

Owner + Director, Big Sky Strategy

Catherine Le Liboux, CPCC - Founder + Mental Fitness Coach, Stepping Up

“It was not easy to find a coach-mentor who's been doing this out in the real world. You made me slow down, and it was what I needed most to tap into my true self. I found self-trust. My self-expression, I feel like I reclaimed it. Thanks to your program, I made a lot of progress in developing my 7P's workshop.

You opened me up to a new world of archetypes, iterations and "sourcing." I uncovered my strong intuition and gained spiritual nourishment. It felt so good to have that joy and feeling of being inspired. You were the perfect choice for me!”

Founder + Mental Fitness Coach, Stepping Up

Elisa Bozzolini - Fashion Designer + Founder, Sunvibes Collective

“Ella helped me dig deep, face my fears and find my own voice. She showed me that doing things differently is possible and that I can build my dream lifestyle, one day a time. I learnt self-compassion is a powerful tool. Thank you Ella for reconnecting me with myself!

Working with Ella helped me rise stronger after some setbacks. I was able to shift my old mindset to a new one: freer, younger, more authentic and wild. I am now more confident. I learnt how to honor my inner sparkle by honoring my time: setting boundaries, blocking time, listening to real resonance, filtering feedbacks. I decide.”

Fashion Designer + Founder, Sunvibes Collective

Deb Ingersoll - Founder + Culture Curator, Complexity Untangled

“Ella provided exactly what I needed when I needed it most - she was my coach, mentor, partner, truth-teller, and champion.

After our time together I feel a full alignment between my heart, soul, brain, and voice which has resulted in feeling more centered, focused, and committed to staying that way. And, I launched my business knowing exactly who I am, who my ideal customers are, and what I'm meant to be doing. Amazing!”

Founder + Culture Curator, Complexity Untangled

Jobina Bardai - Founder + Transformational Coach, Unleashing Miracles

“I knew that in order to reach my highest vision, I needed to work with someone who had already achieved the kind of success I had my eye on. Ella identified my best working style, and guided me towards seeing where my true genius lay.

I saw other fellow coaches struggling to create their programs, but with Ella's guidance, I had so much fun creating mine! Ella is a joy to work with and hugely supported me in my personal journey and confidence.”

Founder + Transformational Coach, Unleashing Miracles

Alyssa Bauman -  Nutrition Expert + TV Personality, Nourished

“I have done B-School and other mentoring programs and none has set me up for success like Ella's program. She has given me not only the practical guidance on how to get my nutrition business on its way to becoming a thriving practice, but also the inner skills I need to navigate myself, my time and the world around me. That in itself is priceless.

I am so grateful you had me do all the inner work before hand. I now have everything I need right here. I feel like I can rock this now. Wanted to say an extra thanks, Ella!”

Nutrition Expert + TV Personality, Nourished

Dr. Sindy Chang - Physician

“Coaching with Ella has been a really empowering process. The most important impact was becoming honest with myself, realizing it is time to take back the steering wheel and truly lead my life. Thanks to this coaching opportunity, I was able to start this process much earlier than I would otherwise have. I am going through the Leadership program now and I am absolutely grateful for this wonderful journey.”


Christi Byerly, MCC, CDTL™ - CEO + Director of Training, Awaken Coach Institute

“Through her coaching and mentoring, Ellany provided me:
• Simplicity - focusing in on my one big project of the year, instead of diluting on many smaller ones.
• Clarity - about hiring and soulful marketing, especially that becoming a boss-lady is brave, vulnerable work.
• Safety - knowing I could always call Ellany and get more insight, more clarity, more grace.
• A Roadmap - seeing a clear path and the pieces that need to be in place for life-changing packages.”

CEO + Director of Training, Awaken Coach Institute

Chereen Gamal - Expressive Therapist + Yoga Teacher, Mind Body Solutions

“If you're willing to be open and available, Ellany will match you in love and positivity. She has many tools within her toolbox to meet you where you're at and will adjust and flow accordingly. I started off needing one thing but as personal circumstances suggested otherwise, we worked on other things, which were just as needed.

Aside from her tremendous business and leadership coaching skills, I would recommend Ellany particularly for her intuitive intelligence and tremendous sense of humour :)”

Expressive Therapist + Yoga Teacher, Mind Body Solutions

Vinny Welsby - Bestselling Author + TEDx Speaker, Fierce Fatty

“I had a Clarity Session with Ella and she was the third coach I had connected with. She was the best hands down and it made my decision to engage her so easy. I was blown away with how she got me to dream about my future and what was possible for me in one call.

Book a call with Ella and you will see how terrific she really is at co-creating with you. I did my first enrollment call with a potential client and the method she taught me was so authentic! The outcome became easy and effective.”

Bestselling Author + TEDx Speaker, Fierce Fatty

Rebecca England - Coach / Guide / Teacher, Magic Cafe

“Just the mentorship alone has been confidence-building. I can claim my business again, which has been really about my inner world being expressed. This is me. I have something to say, "You matter and we need you." I know that now.

Going forward I will remember that
I don't always see the wheels being turned, but they're turning in my benefit.”

Coach / Guide / Teacher, Magic Cafe

Sheila Sutherland - Life Skills Strategist + Author, Reignite your Purpose

“As soon as I met Ella, I knew I had to work with her. She had built her business in a way that I wanted to emulate, with ease and freedom. Through her program, I was able to see how I had built parts of my business in the wrong order and other important parts were completely missing.

I now feel way more equipped to run my business in a professional, sustainable way and be able to get my message out to the world more effectively. Ella's program was the best investment in myself and my business that I have ever made! A big hearted Thank You!”

Life Skills Strategist + Author, Reignite your Purpose

Candy Motzek - Founder, Step Into Success

“My biggest take away was the need to create my business around my life and really understanding the use of leverage. How best to use my time, to create a sustainable business via group programs and info products.

I loved the small group, it was a thought-provoking safe space to share and learn from you, Ella. My biggest leap of faith was hiring a VA!!! Yay and it's been wonderful and so freeing.”

Founder, Step Into Success

Kristen Smith - Studio Owner + Piano Teacher, Kristen's Piano Studio

“I learned that I can do this. I'm not crazy. I can go at my pace. It is possible to move from getting paid per hour to a more passive income model. I feel more at peace and confident with my life and business. I'm trusting that I can work less hours and still make enough money.”

Studio Owner + Piano Teacher, Kristen's Piano Studio

Elena Brennan - Founder + CEO, CareCierge

“Thank you for our AWESOME fast track day! I was stuck in a rut and in one day, you helped me to get to the bottom of why I was stuck, break it down, and create an implementable solution. You helped me to remember my vision for the business and use that as my frame of reference.

You gave me really practical organizational and planning tools that I implemented immediately and are already making a big difference. The "Busyness Tracker" is a phenomenal way to plan out my time for the week, month and year. We accomplished so much in one day!”

Founder + CEO, CareCierge

Aliz Axmann - Health Coach & Founder

“Working with Ella was an integral part of my personal and professional growth over the last 2.5 years. Through her compassionate guidance, coaching, and mentorship, I was not only able to gain more clarity on the next steps for developing a business, but also increase my confidence and trust in achieving the goals and visions that my heart and soul have long been yearning for. Ella’s support, insights, as well as inspiring stories, have helped me tremendously with navigating my personal and professional journey toward a life that’s much more aligned with my values, passions, and aspirations. Thank you, Ella.”

Health Coach & Founder

Jen Archibald - Executive Coach + Creator, DIY Destiny

“Ella cracked open a lifelong block I had around saying the right thing all the time. And WOOSH my entire program was born that WEEK! She helped me sculpt webinars to deliver my new program to my ideal clients and create a website brand to match it.

In no time I was boldly and authentically delivering my program and getting rave feedback! Total game-changer. Ella, you were my sanity, my inspiration and you tuned my compass back to myself. Thank you.”

Executive Coach + Creator, DIY Destiny

Shawnee Hathaway-Ochs - Personal Development Coach

“This process allowed me to create a business that is a reflection of who I am. I had that concept in my mind, but it didn't connect until I walked this journey. Your business and your life is a reflection of you, so I had to ask myself if I like what I'm seeing and then had an opportunity to create it. Pretty awesome.

Ellany creates a space that always feels safe, accepting, gently challenging, playful and a freedom to be messy. In this space you can create anything.”

Personal Development Coach

Maria Arredondo, PCC, MBA - Founder + Reinvention Coach, Pivot Mundi

“I was pleasantly surprised about how the whole process made me slow down, and that has been priceless. It’s been incredibly fun and insightful to work with the amazing Ella.

I now have a much better understanding of the big picture, of what needs to be done and in what order. It has helped me put all the pieces of the puzzle together and now I feel I have a solid foundation to build a business that is sustainable. I feel more in charge of my own fate, which is truly liberating and pacifying.”

Founder + Reinvention Coach, Pivot Mundi

Dr. Brianna Strumm - Assistant Professor + Social Worker

“I went from untapped power and not knowing how to build my business to having an ideal client avatar, coaching program, website and online systems in place. I had much more confidence in my abilities, with something very unique to add to the coaching profession.

Working with Ella has been very beneficial in many ways - both practical and spiritual. It feels really good to have Ella in your corner. I’m really proud of conceiving my coaching program and making time in my full life to build my business. I've achieved more than I thought possible. Holy pat on the back time!”

Assistant Professor + Social Worker

Corri Lobbezoo - Coach, Writer, Kayak Guide

“Ellany's unique blend of rich wisdom and hefty practical advice left me wanting more, so much more, time with her. Ellany coached me with humour and understanding as I started my business and went through a difficult time personally. I was a kid with a freshly-dipped bubble wand – Ellany's words were like a gust of wind, manifesting bubbles of opportunity by the dozen. Thank you for Thank you for the honest and refreshing support, Ellany!”

Coach, Writer, Kayak Guide

Sabrina Hickey - Career + Professional Development Coach

“My greatest take-aways were learning to align with the greater vision of my life and knowing that I am enough. I feel like every time you send me an email I've just come out of the spa feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Thank you!!

If you're planning on upgrading your business, contact Ellany!! She'll coach you on what you want, guide you through what you need and make you feel good about it every step of the way. With her at your side, you will save yourself so much time, stress and you will make a lot more money in the end too!! :D”

Career + Professional Development Coach

JourneyJill - Transformational Trainer + Event Facilitator, JourneyJill

“Working with Ellany helped me make sense of all my wandering thoughts. She helped me find myself gracefully. It was comforting to refer back to what I said to her months ago and remind myself of my WHY.”

Transformational Trainer + Event Facilitator, JourneyJill

Cristina Ramon - Founder, La Revolución del Corazón

“Ella helped me break many fears and barriers, and gave me a powerful roadmap. Lots of transformation! She is very knowledgeable and has an amazing intuition... She can spot what is going on very quickly and support you with love and firmness to move from stuckness into action.

Working with Ella was a deep experience and I would recommend it strongly!”

Founder, La Revolución del Corazón

Christina Michael - Elite Fitness Champion + Trainer, Wholeness 360

“Our fast-track day, we got so much done! I love how clearly you laid out my business, it was so simple. I feel so much more focused, clear and confident. I decide! I decide who, what, when, my time, energy and direction. I've given myself full permission to rest and live and put myself first. You've given me a soft place to land. I am planned and secure! I am capable of freedom!”

Elite Fitness Champion + Trainer, Wholeness 360

Karen Olson - Coach for Writers + Artists, Beauty After Devastation

“Ella is my brilliant business fairy godmother. With massive smarts and experience — and a light heart — she helped me navigate my way to a business strategy that’s a uniquely perfect fit for me. It’s not only streamlined and simplified, it’s also bigger and more soulful than I’d imagined it could be.”

Coach for Writers + Artists, Beauty After Devastation

Megan Murphy - Film Maker + Speaker, Murphy's Law

“Ella is an inspiration and business doula! She is an allie who helps you give shape to your ideas and passion until they become a viable business product. Smart + heart = success.

I’m proud of myself for even starting this whole journey! I’m generally the care giver in all other aspects of my life, so asking for help and inviting allies into my world has been life changing. It felt great to commit and follow through. I’ve been erasing some negative voices from the past through this process. The "Busyness Tracker" freed me from overwhelm! I’m back to my 10 year old mentality: I can do anything!!”

Film Maker + Speaker, Murphy's Law

Andrea Fleischfresser, MCC - Founder + Leadership Trainer, Destination You

“Our fast-track day was intense and full of energy and light at the same time. I got great self-awareness of my being and what I want for myself.

I wrote down everything that I know and created my road maps and my new programs. I brought to reality what before was just a dream. I feel in alignment with myself, knowing my worth and being present to what is here now and at the same time creating the next steps for the future.

You bring structure, presence, and peace. I feel you as an "anchor of my boat" that helps me to be clear and grounded and also to navigate my waves in a more confident way. Thank you for being with me in this journey!”

Founder + Leadership Trainer, Destination You

Joanna Bowen - Holistic Nutritionist, Joanna Bowen Wellness

“With Ella as my coach, I felt heard, I felt understood. Moments of insight came often. I feel like I can bring nutrition knowledge to clients much more efficiently, avoiding a lot of common business pitfalls along the way.

Having a guide to walk me through the "how", I've been able to make leaps & bounds in letting go of my own fears and gaining direction, forward momentum, clarity and confidence. This has been a hugely life giving experience!”

Holistic Nutritionist, Joanna Bowen Wellness

About Ellany Lea

Ellany Lea, PCC, CPCC, CDTLF, CDWF, is a Phoenix Whisperer, Masterpiece Doula and Freedompreneurship Coach.

She has lived, died and traveled through 131 countries, 87 emotions, 46.5 traumas, 16 career reinventions, 0 alcohol, 0 drugs, 0 Rx pharma, and 0 coffee.

On even days, she wakes up wondering, "How am I even alive?"

On odd days, she wakes up grunting, "Aw crap. Still here."

Sought for her inspiring stories, clear wisdom, and joyful guidance, Ellany champions women overachievers, phoenixes, wisdom keepers, and entrepreneurs to free her genius, so it frees the world.

More About Ellany


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