Wounded Child Identity Archetypes - Quiz Cover

Name the wound. Shed the lie. Free the soul.


Take the Wounded Child Archetypes assessment to identify your top Wounded Child and access the guidebook brimming with maturation and integration practices, healing mantras, and insights on the gifts of each wound.



The 12 Wounded Child Archetypes

Are you swirling in busyness, drowning in overwhelm or paralyzed by perfectionism?

Wondering where all your time, inner peace, fulfillment and aliveness are being leeched? Explore these 12 Wounded Child Archetypes to name the wound, shed the lies and free the soul. ⤵︎

wounded-child-matrix-unsafe-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-insufficient-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-deprived-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-invisible-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-freak-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-burden-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-abandoned-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-too-much-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-disposable-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-mistake-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-powerless-quiz  wounded-child-matrix-failure-quiz  

Dear Overachiever,


I know all about having wounds. I had/have all 12 of these Wounded Child Archetypes 🤦🏻‍♀️. But I am not my wounds. You may have wounds, but you are not your wounds.

This 72-question assessment (~ 10 min) was handmade with love for you, my fellow overachiever, warrior, freedom seeker, entrepreneur and way shower to free your genius so it frees the world.


Your Phoenix Whisperer, Guide to Grace and Master Tuner,

xo, Ella

 The first 40 years of childhood are the hardest.
No Kidding.


Inspiring and guiding overachievers and freedom seekers to navigate time, identity, creativity, and entrepreneurship, gracefully and joyfully.

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