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In order to find the right answers, one needs to ask the right questions.

After a decade of liberation, here are the 5 most important questions to ask yourself for a lifestyle of freedom, fulfillment and joy.

Right-click and save these meaningful inquiries. It'll take more than a day to know the answers. The key is to start asking the right questions.

1. As a freedom seeker, who am I here to liberate?


2. As a lifelong learner, what I am here to teach?


3. As a creative trailblazer, why am I here?


4. As an overachiever, how do I surrender?


5. As a truth seeker, who am I?

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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Ellany LeaAUTHOR • When Ellany said yes to freedompreneurship, she had no idea it'd turn into a spiritual quest of reclaiming the 1,000 pieces of her soul.