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7 Keys to Living Fierce, Fulfilled and Free

Let's free your genius so it frees the world.
I'll guide you every step.
xo Ella

Recognize yourself...?

Wisdom Hoarding

Are you buried under yeeeeeears of teachings, tools, research, and wisdom, but not sure why?

Unclear Calling

Did you survive a "Dark Night of the Soul" and got called to guide others, but not sure how? 

Creative Chaos

Do you have a longing or sudden urge to create something meaningful, but not sure what?

Time Leakage

Are time, impact, ideas and opportunities slipping through your fingers?

humahuaca-colorful-breadDear Overachiever,

I know the heavy, heavy cost of being too different, too daring, too brilliant. I know the crushing weight of skyholding, filial piety, patriarchy, and your own inner demons. I know you thought you had to become the best white man you could be. You don't, I assure you.

Joy and freedom are your birthright. Yes, there will be inner work to do. And together, we'll do it with such joy and grace.

I'll guide you every step of the way, 🌹

xo, Ella

Why Freedom Fundamentals?

To live fierce, fulfilled and free, a freedompreneur must rise through the 4 Stages of Liberation. ⤵︎


Freedom Fundamentals Triple As


Stage 1 • Living in constant busyness and overwhelm is unconscious reaction.

Stage 2 • Activating Awareness before Action is response.

Stage 3 • Inserting Acceptance between Awareness and Action is conscious choice

📍 You are here.

Stage 4 • Completing Freedom Fundamentals and stretching Acceptance yields freedom.

Get a free head start on reclaiming freedom ⤵︎


Freedom Fundamentals Roadmap


Tao of Creativity

How to name creative blockages to discern which ideas to turn into a product


10 Types of Freedom

How to assess your sense of freedom to chose what to focus on and upgrade


Fulfillment Chessboard

How to assess your 5 freedom factors to step toward fulfilling freedom


Wounded Child Archetypes

How to name and shed wounded identities and behaviours to free the soul


4 Types of Knowing

How to inventory existing Knowing of patterns to identify missing Knowing


Branding with Sacred Archetypes

How to discover and choose resonant brand archetypes to own your originality


Freedom Calculator

How to set sweet spot numbers to set up lifestyle freedom

Program Benefits

Evolve from freedom seeker to freedompreneur to liberator!

Inspiring Impact

Feel rewarded and fulfilled, having unleashed your Knowing into a masterclass or masterpiece

Completed Alchemy

Feel triumphant relief, having alchemized wounds into wisdom through a meaningful creative pursuit

Brand Clarity

Feel expanded and uplifted, having imprinted your purpose and originality on the world

Time Freedom

Feel spacious and free, having reclaimed your time, peace, agency, and lifestyle