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If interested in Guide to Grace's programs (High Return on Happiness, Six-figure Simplified, or My first Masterclass), apply for a spacious 1-hour Breakthrough Session.

You will see clearer, know your way, and feel expanded! I will also and gift you 3 crisp next steps to fast-track your freedom quest! 

Current wait time: 1.5 weeks. Apply below!


Ellany's unique blend of rich wisdom and hefty practical advice left me wanting more, so much more, time with her. As honest and refreshing as a strawberry straight from the field, and as delightful. I didn't know it, but I was a kid with a freshly-dipped bubble wand -- Ellany's words were like a gust of wind, manifesting bubbles of opportunity by the dozen.

Corri Lobbezoo
EQ & Creativity Coach

Thank you for our AWESOME fast track day! I was stuck in a rut and in one day, you helped me to get to the bottom of why I was stuck, break it down, and create an implementable solution. You helped me to remember my vision for the business and use that as my frame of reference.

You gave me really practical organizational and planning tools that I implemented immediately and are already making a big difference. The busyness tracker is a phenomenal way to plan out my time for the week, month and year. We accomplished so much in one day!

Elena Brennan
CEO & Founder of CareConcierge

I had a breakthrough call with Ella and she was the third coach I had connected with. She was the best hands down and it made my decision to engage her so easy. I was blown away with the call and how she got me to dream about my future and what was possible for me.

I would advise anyone who is considering working with Ella in any capacity to book a call with her and you will see how terrific she really is at co-creating with you. I did my first breakthrough call with a potential client and your enrollment method was perfect!

Victoria Welsby
Badassery Coach & TEDx Speaker


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