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Ellany Lea

If interested in Guide to Grace's programs (Trailblazer Toolbox, Six-figure Simplified, or My first Masterclass), apply for a soul expanding, deep exhale Clarity Session (60min).

You will see clearer, breathe lighter and be freer, with insights and/or tools that will fast-track your liberation with Grace!

Current wait time: 1.5 weeks. Apply below ⤵︎


I was taken by your desire to do what you do really well to make others shine! It makes such a difference. I loved working with you on my online presence, as our passions are aligned.

Inga Michaelsen
Founder, Conscious Leadership Evolution

Ella helped me dig deep, face my fears and find my own voice. She showed me that doing things differently is possible and that I can build my dream lifestyle, one day a time. I learnt self-compassion is a powerful tool.

Elisa Bozzolini
Founder & Fashion Designer, Sunvibes Collective

They say courage is contagious and presence too. Ella has both in spades!! I always start big, bold projects and she  helped me understand that finishing them is the biggest, boldest act of courage. What I love most is her gentle and graceful way. She never needs to kick my ass. She just believes in me, tolerates no bullshit and there's magic sauce when we're together!!

I'm 10X more focused than on my own. Thank you for helping me stop beating myself up and achieve my dreams. "Put the bat down" is one piece of wisdom I will never forget, thank you Ellany.

N. A.
Founder of digital nomad community (privacy respected)


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