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You know to work smarter, not harder, but here you are burning the midnight oil... again.

You know to stay present and let Flow lead, but here you are frantically juggling 90 balls of fire... again.

You know to embody your worth, but here you are letting others trample all over your boundaries... again.

Whyyyyyy?!? 😫 orld where...

Definition of 4 Types of Knowing

... because you don't yet have a full set of knowing yet: mind-knowing, heart-knowing, body-knowing, plus soul-knowing.

When you only have one type knowing, let's say mind-knowing that cigarettes are bad for you, then you conceptually understand that, but the rest of you has not boarded the behavioural change train.


But when your dad died of lung cancer (heart-knowing of grief), you got caught in a building fire (body-knowing of not being able to breath), and your bestfriend suddenly died and became a lung donor (soul-knowing of pre-orchestrated destiny), then you have a Full Set of Knowing. It's then that you truly, deeply, madly Know-Know-Know-Know not to smoke cigarettes.

Recollecting and Reclaiming

When I first started freedompreneurship (which I didn't even know I was doing), I felt like Super Mario 3. I'd collect mushrooms to run faster, leaves to fly higher, stars for immunity, and flutes to skip worlds. My favourites were: the Tanooki suit to become invincible stone and Jugem's cloud to skip a level.

I was on a quest to find treasures outside myself (which I didn't even know I was doing).

Freedompreneurship, using entrepreneurship as a spiritual quest, shifted this external seeking into an internal seeing of existing inner treasures.

All my soul-knowing got scattered all over the Earth when I busted in on this third rock from the sun. (Choose your next incarnation wisely, Ellany!) The other 3 types of knowing where withheld or smashed to smithereens. I had no idea I'd spend fourty years scouring the Earth and my innards to reclaim all the shards and wabi-sabi myself back together.

It saddens my heart... I wish we didn't have to spend our entire adulthood recovering from our childhood.

But if we are brave and gritty enough to reclaim all our Knowing, we become whole... we are freed... and as Marianne William says, "... our presence automatically liberates others."

No more therapy, no more self-development junkie, no more nauseating roller-coasters of hope and despair. Just freedom. Full fledged freedom.

Live fierce and free,

xo, Ella

(First Published Jun 19, 2019)


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