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Global Advisor + Founder

Q: What has you journey been like with Guide to Grace?

A: You were so calm. And I think having that initial conversation with you, you were just like, "It's chill, you know, it's cool. "I've been there before." Wow, she spends a lot of time doing this with a lot of other people. I sort of binge watched, I think, one of your courses.

Wow, she's really figured an amazing way to take something that seems so complex and complicated, she makes it so easy. So for me I was like, "Wow, this seems like "a very thoughtful person. Someone who's put a lot of energy, a lot of care, a lot of love, into thinking about how to build a framework." I mean, you called it roadmap, but I think it's a really
comprehensive framework.

Q: How did naming your ideal client, in four words or less, actually liberate you instead of confining you?

A: I mean, I think it just gave me so much confidence. I could just very easily have conversations with people. Aha, you are my ideal client, right? You are globally minded, you're a multi-hyphenate, right? It's very, very, empowering and it gives you a ton of confidence. And it also, once again, just allows you to focus. Who should you be focusing your time on, as well? So it actually frees up a lot of your time.

Q: What was a tool, or an exercise, or something we did together, that really shifted things for you?

A: I mean, I think the meditation we did at one point in time about your like, "What is my role?" And I think one thing that came out of it was really nice imagery about
sort of being a beacon for leaders who work in more sort of chaotic, or startup environments, or being for organizations that might not be more structured, being a little bit more of a firework. And I thought that that's really, really, helpful.

Q: So what did we dug up that you didn't expect we would?

A: Hmm, much great questions. I think that working with you really forced me to get a lot more concrete. So I think that working with you I got some really great talking points that can help round any conversation I'm having.

Q: What is your top piece of advice for every woman entrepreneur walking in your footstep?

A: One key key phrase you always talk about, and I might be paraphrasing it, but this idea is like, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." I love that, I think that's a great thing to keep it in mind. And then if I was think about myself personally, and then maybe people who have similar backgrounds to mine, that are quite diverse and have maybe done many different things, this idea that you just have to present yourself, you don't need to justify yourself.