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Leadership Trainer + Creator

Q: What was your journey with Guide to Grace like?

A: You created some... like this guideline, this, I don't know how to say, system. But what is important, what is needed, what is necessary to do the work that you love and have this freedom that you don't need to have trapped in this business life. But I believe now with you that we can do things differently and learning in a different way.

Q: And how would you say that working together has tested or stretched your faith?

A: Interesting question. As we were sharing before this whole process of having a business and create your business and being in this business is overwhelming and there is this unknown and the faith, the hope, whatever we wanna call it is being in the unknown and knowing that there is a way to arrive there.

Q: I always say that the only way, really, is your way. We can help you craft your way. So you and I did a fast track day and then we had one-on-one coaching sessions. What was a very memorable turning point?

A: This is my purpose, this is what I want for myself. This is what I'm working for now to achieve that. So this was really tricky because I realized yes, this is what I want for myself. So it's not about a bippity boppity boo as I play with my clients like now okay I wanna be a six-figure or whatever. But there is a process to arrive there and we need to trust this process.

Q: What's one insight or lesson on your freedompreneurship quest that you'd like to pass on?

A: Believe in your heart, believe in your intuition. I used to say that I am a person who followed my heart and I continue following my heart.