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Feminine Power Coach + Creator

Q: What was your journey like with guide to grace?

A: Just the mentorship alone has been confidence-building. I want more epic words for it, but just I can claim my business again.

Q: The how because often people will come to coaching and mentoring for the how, like how do I do it? How has your how changed to your how?

A: You know what is really wonderful? My how has been really about my inner world being expressed and not my head what should be and, you know, everybody else does this.
It's just, you know what, this is me.

Q: What's the full permission,what's the permission slip you gave yourself to be able to put your own wonderment ahead of others and for that to be more than okay?

A: I have something to say, and I want to sing a lullaby to the whole world.

Q: And what does that look like now?

A: Like I'm going to cry. What does it look like now? The whisper that you matter and we need you.

Q: And do you know that you matter?

A: Yeah, I do. (laughing)

Q: Now you do?

A: Yeah, I do. And I've always known that, but I don't know that I always remembered that.

Q: How would you turn that into advice for others going through a really, really rough time?

A: If you treat today like your first day and you treat your day like your last day, you will have a good day. Going forward to remember that I don't see all the workings. I don't see the wheels being turned. That they're turning and they're turning in my benefit. And they're turning in your benefit if you can see it.