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Freedom (n.)

The sweetest, hardest and most worthwhile quest you'll ever undertake.

Types of Freedom: emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, cultural, financial, geographical, professional, creative, romantic, karmic, time freedom.

Toni Morrison once said, "The function of freedom is to free someone else."

This means, the key to your freedom is... to free others.


Grace (n.)

A convergence of ease, peace, awe, joy and trust.

Elizabeth Gilbert once said, "Grace will take you places hustling can’t."

This means, you can hustle your way to freedom or you can chose grace to carry you there.


Guide to Grace

Guide to Grace is your sanctuary for soul maturation + lifestyle freedom.

Women founders, overachievers, trailblazers and freedompreneurs come here to liberate themselves, then their business, and then the world!

Our dream is that you become soooooo free that your presence automatically liberates others.


Incubators are for chicklings flying away. Sanctuaries are for phoenixes returning Home.
– Ellany Lea

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