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Years ago, when I was deciding between Aweber and MailChimp for the mailing list system to use for my business, I stumbled upon this great article, The Big Picture of Aweber vs Infusionsoft, where Trent coined the term "Multiple Systems Chaos." In short, in my pov, it means being cheap, buying the cheapest system, which doesn't have all the functions I need, and being "forced" to buy other systems to compensate for the lack of functionality... and perpetuating this cycle of scarcity.

At the time, I couldn't afford Infusionsoft (<-- and telling myself "I can't afford..." and being stuck in a scarcity mindset didn't help matters), but I never, ever forgot this article.

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For years, I used Aweber to its fullest capacity. It served me well and I loved that I can call Aweber 6 days a week for technical support. My assistant can even call Aweber directly, rather than me spending time teacher her how to use it.

With time, by clearing money blockages, self-deprecating behaviors, and self-hatred, business blossomed and I invested 2 weeks with my assistant to find an all-in-one solution that would fit my coaching/mentoring online business. I compared 7 different systems, including Infusionsoft and Ontraport. Here are the 8 refreshing ways Simplero eliminated multiple systems chaos.

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1. Delivers a timed e-course

Let's face it, I attract and work with women overachievers. If I were to give them full access to my e-courses, they'd do all the work in one weekend and burn themselves out, again. So I love having the whole course prepared, and dripping it out, week to week, once topic at a time, which eliminates overwhelm and keeps my clients on track.


2. Simplifies e-commerce experience

The biggest difference between Simplero and other e-commerce systems is that Simplero is catered to the sale of digital products. And yes, you can still sell physical products. Calvin, who created the system, has thought of everything, in terms of digital needs, large file storage, media shareability, security, etc.


3. Groups similar members

The biggest difference between Simplero and other platforms that sell digital products is that it also has membership spaces. I can create:

  • a Freedom Walkers membership space to give away free content to my followers,
  • a Freedom Runners membership space to share training material and coaching tools to my paid members, and 
  • a Freedom Sprinters membership space to virtually coach and mentor my clients (after they've completed their 1-on-1 or group program, or to prep them to set a solid foundation before they embark on a program.

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4. Displays client history

I thought about getting a CRM (customer relationship manager), but was so turned off at the idea of yet another system, hence the multiple systems chaos that Trent wrote about. In Simplero, I love being able to pull up a client or customer's name and having a full history of what they've bought, what programs they were part of and what interactions we've had.

It allows me to nurture my existing and past clients, as well as listen to my brand new followers to hear what they need and want. The best thing I ever did for my six-figure coaching/mentoring business was to group my prospective, existing, and past clients into separate groups and interact with them differently.


5. Automates tasks

Like any auto-responder mailing list system, I love automating tasks so that my clients get the information, the training, the advice, the mentorship or the coaching they came for, directly to their inbox.

The difference with Simplero is it can also give people access to a membership space with all sorts of goodies. I love giving and why not give my peeps access to my entire knowledge bank.


6. Responds swiftly with impeccable customer service

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is incompetency. It makes sense that incompetent customer service agents irritate me, since I value mastery and they don't. When a company grows too big, you've got an army of "little people" who aren't well trained, could care less about their job, and are only there to pay their bills.

Not at Simplero. At Simplero, I always receive simple, clear and swift responses to my inquiries. And you know what, it's always sent with love. If this is too mushy for you, then move it right along. If love is a top value of yours, then you'll fall in love with Simplero's customer service and with Calvin.


7. Constantly upgrades system based on user feedback

As someone who reads and implements a book a week, I love learning, I love constantly upgrading myself. So I obviously resonate with Simplero, whose philosophy is to keep the system simple, fresh, and constantly upgraded with feature enhancements based on user feedback. I've seen several of my feature requests or tweaks incorporated into the next version.


8. Bypasses a system-specific expert

My 7-figure mentor is so knee deep in Infusionsoft that she needs to have an Infusionsoft expert on hand at all times, and almost pays him a full-time salary. She's been wanting to switch systems, but can't because there's a web of scattered pieces of Infusionsoft all over her business. It'd take her Infusionsoft guy 3 months to make the switch. She described it like some sort of cancer, taking over her whole business.

I'm not putting down Infusionsoft, I've seen the magic that it can create and the powerful features it has. I simply chose simplicity. I chose freedom. Simplero is so easy to use that my assistant picked it up in 2 hours. This makes me feel at peace, knowing that I'm not forever indebted to one system and one full-time expert to help me manage it.

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To each their own

I've looked a many other top contenders for online business systems, and when I play the "About Us" videos, I get repulsed right away by the sheer size of the guy's ego. Or I look at the testimonials and see that I don't align with their clients (who also give off the 'asshole' vibe). I'm not going to start assuming what everyone might think about my choice of business tools.

I've spent my entire life hating myself, there's not a single human being out there who could criticize me or hate me as much as I hated myself. So my message is and remains, "To each their own."

Regardless of what others say, choose the tools and systems that make you feel good, that simplify your business, that reduce your stress and increase your profits.

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With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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