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Blog  •  4 Min Read Time  •  By Ellany Lea

How've you been? The beginning of the year was turbulent, many of you have told me. And now that summer is here, it's a little more settled.

Blog  •  6 Min Read Time  •  By Ellany Lea

Have you spent lots of money and time to hire and train someone... just to be disappointed with the lack of results?

Blog  •  2 Min Read Time  •  By Ellany Lea

How are you?

Blog  •  5 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

The #1 question I'm asked lately is not about masterclasses or lifestyle freedom.

Blog  •  5 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

Overlanding Cameroon and Gabon so far has been...

Blog  •  5 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

I know the value of nature, it heals, it grounds, it reconnects. But man oh man, nature is LOUD in this part of the world!!!

Blog  •  5 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

Have you ever drowned in sorrow? I bet you have.

Blog  •  8 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

At this point on my globetrotting journeys, I mastered being a digital nomad, traveling 20 countries in 16 weeks. So I figured, why stop? I always wanted to visit Argentina, which didn't make it onto Around-the-World 2005 trip because Star Alliance didn't have an airline partner down there. Also on my Facebook feed, I happen to see that one of my former interns-turned-friends now lives in Columbia, countries no. 60 and 61, here I come!

Blog  •  10 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

At the end of my work term in Rwanda, I didn't have the chance to visit the Mountain Gorillas, which I had diligently saved up for, because the ministry that issued work permits held my passport until the Friday before I flew out of the country Saturday morning.

Blog  •  9 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

I was asked if I always dreamed of visiting every country in the world. "Not at all!", was my answer. All I knew growing up was that I was to born to be my parent's retirement savings account. Read along to see and witness this freedom experiment unfolding, as I following the breadcrumbs Life laid out for me, from crossroad to crossroad, from breadcrumb to breadcrumb. 

Blog  •  2 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

I was sat at a restaurant, listening to the sound of crashing waves, and examined more fully the Memory Dress by Sunvibes that I had custom printed and designed. I passed my fingers over the palm trees that drew me to move to Andalusía in Spain, the lanterns from The Daring Way training with Brené Brown that guided me to complete my 16 country in 16 weeks tour  even though my dad passed away at country no. 3, the turtles I swam with who gave me full permission to return aaaaaall the grief I carried for myself and others to the ocean in the form of tears.

Blog  •  2 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

Many years ago, I was sitting in my living room, on my furry regal purple rug. I plugged my neon green earphones into my iPhone, took out a white sheet of paper and a teal pen and dialled my coach. I was in my first year of building my coaching business and drowning under punishing anxiety, caused by fear of uncertainty, and worn down by the "marketing grind", with a looming (but illusionary) threat of going back to a 9-to-5 jail cell.

Blog  •  10 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

Over a decade ago, when I lined up 5 interviews in 5 days in NYC, got my dream job on day 6, flew home to Vancouver on day 7, and moved my life to

Blog  •  12 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

If any past, present or future critics ask, "Why are you going so fast?", ask them "Why are you going so slow?"

If any past, present or future critics ask, "Why are you constantly changing?", ask them, "Why are you prolonging your own suffering?"

If any past, present or future critics ask, "Why can’t you stay still?", ask them, "What are you waiting for?"

Blog  •  11 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

There is an art and a science to non-conformity... as well as a price... and many, many, many rewards... and multiple soul wrenching trade-offs along the way. It's an intricate (aka neurotic) dance. Freedom is the dream. But freedom isn't for sissies.

Blog  •  5 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

16. The Universe planted sequoias of ambition in my psyche, but gave me a bleeding heart.

17. The Universe pumped adventure into my lungs, but clipped my canary wings.

18. The Universe encoded freedom into my soul, but shackled every limb with gender, filial piety, birth order, personality, cultural, and social chains.

Blog  •  6 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

1. Girls will hurt each other until they become women. 2. Watching the light dim is heartbreaking. 3. Becoming aware of the dimming is even more heartbreaking.

Photo  •  2 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

In the end, you will splish and splash with dolphins in St. Kitts, salsa with giant manta rays in Antigua and be a giant walking ball of disbelief that THIS is how it feels to do whatever YOU want, whenever YOU want, wherever YOU want, however YOU want, without anyone else interfering with their own 2 cents of fear or negativity.

Is this bliss? It this total liberation? After 110 countries, you'll know it's both.

Blog  •  4 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

When people are in fear, they label adventure as reckless, courage as crazy and uniqueness as wrong. May the spotted rays in the Belizean cayes and the aurora borealis in the Norwegian tundra enchant you more than the criticism-laced fear of “those people.”

Blog  •  3 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

After stepping foot in 104 sovereign nations, with my coaching practice in tow, here are 14 lessons I learned, across so many cultures, about becoming happy, about being happy.

Blog  •  6 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

This is Part 2/2 of What Marketing Stra

Blog  •  4 Min Read  •  By Ellany Lea

Every business needs a welcome video that encapsulates who you are, what you do, who your business is (brand) and what it does.