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Favorite Stories

By Ellany Lea   •   Apr 26, 2018   •   7 Min Read

I knew something was missing from The Hero's Journey. I found the missing piece in Maureen Murdock's The Heroine's Journey, an alternate quest mechanism from abandoned girl to reclaimed goddess.

By Ellany Lea   •   May 4, 2018   •   7 Min Read

The Hero slays dragons to regain power, while The Heroine slays dragons to regain wholeness. But what happens after they return home, powerful and whole? That's when The Liberator's Journey begins to turn a freedom seeker into a liberator.

By Ellany Lea   •   Apr 18, 2018   •   8 Min Read

Understand the mechanism of The Hero's Journey will ensure your safe passage from lone outcast to victorious warrior. This is the story of my quest, taking my coaching business to 16 countries in 16 weeks.

Latest Stories

By Ellany Lea   •   Feb 15, 2014   •   4 Min Read

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) also known as Network Care is a technique that, combined with love and support from my family and friends, brought me from suffering to living again.

By Ellany Lea   •   Jan 29, 2014   •   2 Min Read

You may have heard about tax write-offs or tax advantage. What does that mean anyways?

By Ellany Lea   •   Jan 22, 2014   •   7 Min Read

Are you plagued by "Now what?!?" every time you achieve at a huge milestone? You thought you'd be on cloud nine, instead you feel empty and lost? Here's how to turn it around!

By Ellany Lea   •   Jan 11, 2014   •   1 Min Read


By Ellany Lea   •   Jan 2, 2014   •   2 Min Read

Do you ever wonder why you do certain things, and why you don't do certain things?

By Ellany Lea   •   Feb 22, 2012   •   5 Min Read

February 22 has gone down in history as one of the best days of my life. It was on this day, many moons ago, that I said:

By Ellany Lea   •   Jan 20, 2012   •   1 Min Read


Travel every country in the world before I die!


By Ellany Lea   •   Jan 12, 2012   •   1 Min Read

Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

By Ellany Lea   •   Dec 30, 2010   •   1/2 Min Read

Top gratitude entries from 2010