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By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 27, 2014   •   2 Min Read

At the top of the list: make money while you sleep, cultivate deep friendships, read a book a week, be different, discover your true power, and more!

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 20, 2014   •   2 Min Read

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 13, 2014   •   2 Min Read

At the top of the list are: volunteer overseas, live in Africa, travel on an Around-the-World ticket, get your heart broken, build your own business and more!

By Ellany Lea   •   Jul 30, 2014   •   00:03 Min Read

"It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you've failed by default." – JK Rowling

By Ellany Lea   •   Jun 18, 2014   •   4 Min Read

People often ask me how I ended up where I did (wealth coach, traveled 40+ countries, and feel fulfilled in 8/8 areas of life). Looking back, it's clear that many baby steps lead to baby leaps, culminating in giant leaps forward.

By Ellany Lea   •   May 7, 2014   •   00:02 Min Read

Laughter has no social, economic, geographical or ethnical boundaries