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Red Light Juggler • How I Reclaimed my Clairscentience

Am writing to you from my beautiful, sunny home in Málaga, Spain! After a month of siestas, tapas, siestas, long walks by the sea, siestas, Latin eye-candy, and siestas, I'm feeling quite Spanish, and very much at home.

A story of ClairScentience

Yesterday, I had to sort out my Spanish ID card and learned it was a bank holiday. Everything would be closed, my brain knew that. But I felt so compelled to go to the Foreign Embassy anyway. Try my luck, since their website said they were open.

On my way there, I saw a young woman dressed as a clown on the street corner. At every red light, she ran into the middle of the big boulevard and performed some high kicks and juggling tricks. She then went car to car asking for donations.

Red light, after red light, after red light, she ran into the boulevard, and performed with enthusiasm. She needed bus fare to go home?

Would you show up again and again like that just to get home?

I tapped her shoulder, "You are so brave," and handed her 5€. She froze. Her eyes glistened. She saw in my eyes the courage that she had within.

I leaned in to hug her and she pulled me in really tight, for 65 whole seconds (the street light had a timer). Perfect strangers.

She thought it was going to be a long hard day. And now, it's not. In her overflow of gratitude, she gifted me one of the puffy red flowers from her costume. She had no idea that she gifted me far, far more.

My brain knew it was a bank holiday but my heart knew it needed to go to the Foreign Embassy anyway. She helped me confirm, once and for all, that my heart is, indeed, clairscentient.


Of all the countries, cities, boulevards, days and times I could have walked by the juggler...

These threads of destiny, love, karma, kindness, are mysterious at the beginning, gnarly in the middle, and magical at the end.

It really is like playing chess with the Grand Master Universe. Your move, my move. Your move, my move.

I sat on a nearby park bench for hours, crying because I had absorbed bucket loads of sorrow from her body when I hugged her. It sucks to be an empath. Most of the time.

Even, so, only an empath can discern and clearly see the grand validations in such tiny encounters:

  1. When you feel compelled to do something, even though it doesn't make any logical sense to the mind, do it!
  2. Listen to your bones for when something feels right.
  3. Listen to your gut for when something feels wrong.
  4. It takes time to trust your natural gift. It took me 3 decades to trust in my clairscentience. Social indoctrination made me believe that I was nuts, when clairscentience is my superpower.
  5. True giving leaves you energized, not depleted.

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

(First Published mar 8, 2017)



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