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About Ellany Lea


Ellany Lea, CPCC, PCC, CDWF, is an elite success coach, licensed psychotherapist, and lifestyle entrepreneur.

Having lived, worked and traveled to 100+ countries with business in tow, Ellany has influenced and coached thousands of women, from 56 cities around the world, to free themselves from busyness, overwhelm and chaos.

Sought after for her deep emotional intelligence, experiential methodology, and practical spirituality, women overachievers, polymaths, founders, and trailblazers have come to Ellany to unshackle social, cultural and parental indoctrination and live free!

As a digital marketing wiz since age 14, with 13 career overhauls, Ellany is also a resiliency researcher, E-Women Network bestselling co-author, founding writer and global strategist for the United Nations, Doctors Without Borders, and Action Against Hunger.



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104 Countries with business in tow!


Ellany Lea • Founder, Overachiever, Polymath


Certified Success Coach

Licensed Psychotherapist

Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Daring Way™ Facilitator

Rising Strong™ Facilitator

Best-selling Co-author


Resiliency Researcher

Automation Wizard

Illumination mentor


Real Estate Investor

Antigravity Yoga Instructor

Humanitarian Aid Manager



What 3 words best describe me?



International Education & Training

Coaches Training Institute
Vancouver, Canada
Co-Active Coaching

Daring University
Houston, TX, USA
Daring Way™ / Rising Strong™

CTI Leadership
San Francisco, CA, USA
Co-Active Leadership

International Coaching Federation
PCC Certification

AntiGravity Fitness
New York, NY, USA
Antigravity Yoga Level 2

Antigua, Guatemala
Vipassana Meditation

Institute for Integrative Nutrition
New York, NY, USA
Holistic Nutrition

School of Visual Arts
New York City, USA
Digital Design

Chopra Center
Costa del Mar, CA, USA
Mindfulness Meditation

National University of Singapore
Systems Automation

McGill University
Montreal, Canada
Bachelor of Engineering

Marianopolis College
Montreal, Canada
Honors Applied Science


Women who are free will set the world free!

– Ellany Lea


My Life in Number

60kincome in 1st year of business, through blood, sweat, and tears
106kincome in 2nd year of business, through mentorship, meditation, and self-compassion
34kresidual income in 3rd year of business, through systems, automation, and publishing
0inheritance or trust fund
0divorce or court settlement
0husband to pay the bills
362days/year my life would be easier if I were a white mal
12years of overcoming agism
70%time overcoming introversion and high sensitivity
1doubtful mother who thinks you're worker bee material, not leadership material
0entrepreneurial DNA in the family and no family connections in high places
1critical father who is still waiting for me to sell my company to Google for millions
4days/week working with clients and running six-figure business
104countries lived and worked in
30weeks/year working with clients and running six-figure business










Global Leadership & Awards


Outstanding Community Leadership Award
The Duke of Edinburgh's Leadership & Service Award
National Research Council Award
Forces Avenir Project Par Excellence Award
SNC-Lavalin Leadership Award
Canadian Memorial Foundation Award