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Sacred Contract

I am here to create purity and challenge inauthenticity

A sacred contract is the agreement your soul freely chose to fulfill before it incarnated to Earth, so that it can grow, enjoy the journey and actualize its fullest potential.


Innocent • Optimist  •  Idealist  •  Believer • Creator

Brand Core Desire I want to change the world by renewing it
Core Belief There is beauty in simplicity, joy in Grace
Core Message There is hope, all will be shiny and new again
Magnetic Essence Fresh, safe, child- like wondrous
Talented at How to simplify and be whole
Motivated by Clarity, integrity, awe
Deflated by Betrayal, punishment, insecurity
gives others permission
  • To surrender into paradise
  • To be taken care of
  • To be a kid again
Shadow Traits
  • Naive
  • Unrealistic
  • Overly needy
Brand Examples Take Brand with Sacred Archetypes Test and see examples in the guidebook
People Examples Forest Gump, Mary Poppins


Branding with Sacred Archetypes Test

Is your business brand aligned with your Sacred Contract?

Take the Branding with Sacred Archetypes Test to discover your primary and secondary brand archetype!

Branding with Sacred Archetypes Test

Refreshed. Simplified. For Women. By Women.

The Branding with Sacred Archetypes Guidebook contains:

🌹  your brand's sacred contract

🌹  the most up-to-date brand archetype traits

🌹  + full list of 7 shadow traits to avoid

🌹  + dozens of brand examples

🌹  + hundreds of keywords to articulate your visual brand

Branding with Sacred Archetypes Test


Branding with Sacred Archetypes Series


With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

ellany writer fountain penInspiring Stories of Surrender,
Reclamation and Freedom

Practical tools on how to navigate identity crises, creativity and lifestyle freedom through joy, grit and grace.


Author • Ellany Lea is a success coach, master freedompreneur, and modern mystic. She writes about collecting the 4 types of knowing as a pathway to total freedom.