colored pens radiate

Which one has more ease?

A. Smoothing the ice then sliding a big box across it
B. Hauling that big box on your shoulders up a jagged volcano 🌋

Working in Flow state, with skill and challenge levels optimal to you, is like smoothing out that ice, so you can slide your ideas across your creative field, from dream (inspiration) to reality (product/service). ⤵︎

Flow Zones - 8 States

But not all brains are created equal. And not all days are created equal.

On my best days...

Flow Zones - Best Days

And on my worst days...

Flow Zones - Worst Days

Hehehe, what would your optimal Flow Zones map look like? 🤔 Not too "Best Days" and not too "Worst Days," but just right for you.

For overachievers and skyholders, it's very challenging to enter and stay in Flow state if your brain says you don't deserve ease... that only barbed wire lynching counts... that only extra superhuman hardship counts.

Entering, staying in and exiting Flow state are reclaimed practices that can rewire your brain to accept and receive ease, to work and create from a place of ease. I hope you reclaim them!

Live fierce, live free.

xo, Ella


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