Meet Carly Butler Verheyen

Carly is a Writer / Photographer / Banker / Traveller / Snail Mail Enthusiast / Curator for Handwritten / Old Soul. She is a liberator.​

She's lived in Canada, the UK, and South Korea.

On Face Your Fierce

  • The exact moment she realized she was about to change the course of her life
  • Her Superpower
  • Why connecting with each other is one of the most powerful things we can do

Before the podcast

Tell us about a moment when the Universe called and you answered?
I was recreating a photo of my grandparents in front of the RMS Queen Mary & something came alive in me.

Describe “the hardest year”?
Re-entry after my Quest which felt like my version of returning from a hero's journey.

What is your longest standing regret?
Not speaking my truth sooner for the fear of being disliked.

What’s a “fuck yeah! I did it!” moment?
Maintained composure on national television (BBC Breakfast). I thought I was going to puke or forget my name or something.

Carly Butler is a writer, photographer and snail mail enthusiast who lives in British Columbia, Canada. After discovering 110 love letters that her grandmother wrote to her grandfather after a chance meeting during World War II, she flew to London to retrace her grandmother's steps.

What began as a personal journey has turned into a blog, forthcoming book, and calling: she has been invited to speak about the legacy of letters with university students, historical organizations, genealogy groups and art galleries. Carly’s talks highlight her experience preserving and connecting to her family story, how the legacy of her Grandmother’s love letters changed her own, and how creativity can be used as a vehicle to connect to the past, present and future.

Off paper, she's a connection queen with an old soul who loves to interpretative dance around her living room. She is Charm, Eccentric, BOLD, Easygoing, & playful.

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(First Published apr 27, 2016)



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