Meet Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton


Manjir co-creates information and new ideas with the universe that liberates humanity from their old paradigms of consciousness. She is a liberator.

Her Many Hats

Author / Speaker / Infopreneur / Film Producer / TV Host / Mystic / Punk Scientist / Multidimensional Consultant

first moment of enlightenment

I was a sceptic about all things spiritual until I entered a yoga class within my first few weeks of medical school in London and had a spiritual awakening known as a kundalini experience. Suddenly the light was switched on in a big way and I got it and I have never turned back. It totally changed my life.

Cracks her up every time!

Books that transformed her life

The Biggest Secret by David Icke, Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert


About Her

one of the hardest moments of her life?

In 2002 I went through a bad marriage breakup where my doctor husband teamed up with my doctor parents and reported my spirituality to the medical authorities as mental illness. Although they could not conclude anything, I knew I had to quit the medical profession. In the space of a few months, I lost my job, my house, my husband, any family support and some of my friends. The only thing I had left was the science of spirituality which was my secret passion and I was suddenly being asked to speak everywhere on the topic. I went on to have an internationally best-selling book, Punk Science, a TV show and have been asked to speak all over the world.

What used to terrify her?

I used to be terrified of public speaking but my teacher entered me in a competition, which meant I had to practice a lot.


My true superpower is to partner with the universe to bring new information through - sometimes it is science but not always.


Through being another speaker at an event or just contacting people.

Romantic partner?

We were introduced by someone who found my website and I knew the instant I heard her speak his name that he was the one.

F*ck this shit moment

Once you let go of safety and control of a regular life, these moments can happen a lot because your ego wants to be in control and know what is happening. The biggest for me is when I knew I had to let go of the medical profession. Yes, it has been difficult financially and emotionally but I have had the most amazing, fabulous, beautiful experiences from letting go that I wouldn't swap for anything. My dreams of travelling the world and speaking my truth came true.


About her Business

About her business (5 words or less)

The Science of Spirituality made easy

biggest leap of faith taken in her business?

Leaving the Medical Profession

most thrilling "high"? most challenging "low"?

Travelling the world and meeting amazing people from just being my true self. Some notable moments were in Japan and at The Institute of Noetic Sciences. The hardest knock came from losing everything in 2002 but it freed me up for my true purpose and Genius Groove!

false advice being taught in her industry?

Positive thinking - I teach integrated thinking instead.

What does She need to do less of in Her business?

Copying and pasting lots of things!

How did she overcome her fear of selling?

By focusing on the message and the benefits the information will bring to people.

hardest part about being a trailblazer?

There is no roadmap, but that's also the best part too at times.

What's next for her?

The Genius Groove online course, The Magdalene Prophecies book and The Punk Science Movie.

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(First Published may 18, 2018)



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