Meet Eva Gregory

Eva co-creates enlightened business success systems that liberate spiritual entrepreneurs from chaos to clarity and cash flow. She is a liberator.

Her Many Hats

Founder / Author / Mentor to Spiritual Entrepreneurs / Intuitive / LOA Expert / Human Design Coach / Doggie Mama to Tator Tot​

First moment of enlightenment

I am my own best authority when I trust my Inner Guidance... as we all are.

F*ck this shit moment

After butting heads with my mom for years, in the 4th grade I decided that as soon as I was old enough to get a job, I'd leave home. And I did. At 17. It was the right decision. Today Mom and I are a-okay, I'm happy to say. She's a powerful catalyst for who I've become.

Books that transformed her life

Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles and A New Beginning I and II by Jerry and Esther Hick

From the Editor • People ask me how I built my six-figure coaching practice, while travelling to 110 countries. I fast-tracked my success by hiring the wisest, most intuitive mentor/coach I could find, with whom I felt safe to cry my guts out and inspired to sing my heart out. Eva was that six-figure mentor/coach! She made sure I didn't grow a thicker skin (aka armour), but filled myself with more of the real me, so that my overflow organically attracted high calibre clients. Thank you The Coaches Training Institute for connecting us! ❤︎



About Her

One of the hardest moments of her life?

For over five years, the company that my life partner, Robin, and I ran was struggling to the point where we were laying off folks left and right and unable to meet payroll for those who were left. We had a fantastic software program that we developed and patented, but without cash flow. Morale was really low, and Robin and I were not paying ourselves, in order to do what we could for our remaining employees, so things were pretty ugly. We had creditors after us, personally and in the business. Employees were stressed out, tension was high. And if our landlord had decided to evict us from our home, we didn't have the money to move out. It was very grim.

Interestingly, I'd recently stumbled across a Universal Principal called the Law of Attraction and the way the Law of Attraction was explained was so crystal clear to me and so simple, it was as if a light bulb came on and the fireworks went off. I really got it!

Since the Law of Attraction always gives you more of what you are focused on, and really, on the emotional charge you have on whatever you're focused on, where had my focus been all this time? On exactly what I did not want more of in the business: fear, anxiety and waking up in panic attacks full of worry at night. Those thoughts were the engine, but the highly charged negative emotion I was carrying was the fuel that was magnetizing even more scarcity to the business. And of course, the entire company was doing it.

So I decided to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Law of Attraction works no matter what. I didn't have anything to lose by introducing Law of Attraction to the rest of the company. We created a company-wide game with a huge spreadsheet called our Prosperity Account. The point of the game was to get our focus on something that felt better than where it had been for a long time. It literally shifted the energy we'd all been carrying around. And within 9 months, someone we had never heard of approached us about buying the company, lock stock and barrel. We literally went from living paycheck to paycheck - when we even got a paycheck - to successfully selling the business for a hefty sum of money. And the day the company legally changed hands, we were in the Grenadine Islands on a 42-foot catamaran, island hopping with friends!

That is the power of the Law of Attraction. Finally understanding this at a cellular level was one of the most transformational turning points in my life.

What used to terrify her?

That my parents’ money struggles would carry over to me. Realized I'm not my parents. And "if it's to be, it's up to me."


Helping people get to their Truth.

The Law of Attraction always gives you more of what you are focused on.

Grateful to her top BFFs

Jeanna: met at CTI Leadership, best business partner evah! Camille: born 1 month. to the day before me, grew up together, BFF!

Romantic partner?

Met in a bar, my one and only time in that city. Been together since 1984 and going strong!


About her Business

About her business (5 words or less)

Taking spiritual entrepreneurs from chaos to cashflow.

Mastermind Topic

How to access, trust and act on Inner Guidance for business success.

Biggest leap of faith taken in her business?

Leaving a cushy job with IBM to start my own business.

Most thrilling "high"? most challenging "low"?

High • Being able to pick and choose who I work with, have my business support my lifestyle, and have Inner Guidance lead the way.

Low • "Forgetting" my Guidance and the truth of who I am; letting my monkey mind and Gremlins run rampant.

False advice being taught in her industry

The coaching industry is in a bubble that's about to burst.

What does She need to do less of in Her business?

Getting caught up in Shiny Object Syndrome and the next new thing.

How did she overcome her fear of selling?

By creating the space for folks to see the value for themselves; empower them to make the best decision for them, either way.

Hardest part about being a trailblazer?

Not having something that is so important to me, my spirituality and Inner Guidance, be taken seriously by some.

What's Next for Her?

About to launch my next Inner Guidance for Business Success program for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Money Mindset campaign.

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(First Published aug 20, 2018)



Having navigated 131 countries, 87 emotions, 46.5 traumas, and 16 careers, Ellany Lea inspires and guides phoenixes, overachievers, entrepreneurs and wayshowers to live fierce, fulfilled and free.