Meet Rozana Al-Banawi


Rozana co-creates transformational learning that liberates the leadership of willing humans. She is a liberator.

Her Many Hats

Mother / Entrepreneur / Academic / Creative / Coach / Teacher / Researcher / Social Media Influencer / Writer / Mentor

first moment of enlightenment

In 2010, when I read "A New Earthy" by Eckhart Tolle for the first time, I understood what made me suffer for the first quarter of my life, the terms "pain bodies" and "ego" really struck a cord and I was forever changed.

Rozana lives in Saudi Arabia! She's a fellow CTI coach and Daring Way™ facilitator, like we were pre-cut from the same cloth! She is no stranger to crisis and has risen with such elegance and generosity. Thank you Khaled Ghorab for introducing us!

Cracks her up every time!


books that transformed her life!

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and Daring Greatly by Bréne Brown


About Her

one of the hardest moments of her life?

Many come to mind. • When I had to sell the gold gift that grandma gifted me for my wedding, because I wanted to start a fresh chapter, travel to UK to study. Pain leads to growth. • Hardest moment was when, as I child, I discovered we only had $50 in our account. We sold most of our belongings. I felt helpless. I learned a decade ago, that asking for help & leaning into others is the most powerful too.

What used to terrify her?

'Uncertainty & ambiguity'; 2 terrifying twins growing up. Now I am open and more embracing to them.


Empathy, creative outlook, marketing, a people's person, connecting people, inspiring others, reading rooms, eccentricity.


My first BFF I met at primary school, grade 4. My second BFF is a relative. My husband is my BFF, we met in 1998.

Romantic partner?

I met him through relatives/mutual friends. I was helping him to be with someone else, but then I became that someone hehe.

F*ck this shit moment

When life hit rock bottom, 2007, work, life, everything. I applied to the educational scholarship and I was like "I am out of here, now, today". It turned out to be the decision that saved many things and it opened up possibilities for a fresh start! I was granted a master's degree in a field of study I love, with distinction, and my family had the best memories!


About her Business

About her business (5 words or less)

Transformative Learning Experiences and Beyond!

biggest leap of faith taken in her business?

To rent a space, and turn it into a shared working space/community.

most thrilling "high"? most challenging "low"?

The most thrilling 'high' is teaching at, and working with organisations that I look up to, awesome role model leaders! Like Emkan Education, Comedy Club, Nesma Embroidery, Sedco Family Council, and soon Careem!
The most challenging 'low' is dealing with the discomfort of learning from failure, both on the job and vicariously by seeing people in that experience.

false advice being taught in her industry?

To be oblivious to the unintended impact created through my work...

What do you need to do less of in your business?

Working for others; what the clients want. I want to work for myself, and do the work that matters to me.

How did she overcome her fear of selling??

When I overcame rejection, I developed resilience ... I developed thick-skin!

hardest part about being a trailblazer?

It's a lonely process, initial milestones demand the most bravery, but mostly forgotten.. being in service is the main reward!

What's next for her?

I am working on creating content for an online platform for teacher's professional development.

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(First Published apr 27, 2018)



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