Meet Sandra Lax


Sandra co-creates, healing, engaging, connecting, and fulfilling life experiences that liberate the human spirit. She is a liberator.

Her Many Hats

Social Worker / Founder of Sandra Lax Counseling / Proud Auntie / Beginner Surfer / Writer / Life Lover

first moment of enlightenment

I grew up in a chaotic family system and often took refuge in my closet. In my family, I felt alone. In my closet, I felt so connected spiritually, like I was being held in light in that space. It’s interesting, I didn't trust my family or my house; I did trust that the universe knew that I was here to do something important and to endure with two principles that continue to guide my life today: courage and faith.

books that transformed her life!

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Cracks her up every time


About Her

one of the hardest moments of her life?

Not being able to fulfill a request from my best friend who died. It was the hardest moment of my life. I’m not sure I have overcome it. I simply do my best to practice forgiveness with myself when the memory comes up.

What used to terrify her?

I grew up with anxiety and was scared to go too far from home (local mall/friends house). What helped me overcome it? Time and money in therapy.


Seeing connections between things, highlighted in my head.


Auntie Milli for her entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Victoria for her teaching. Sari Fox for supporting my zany ideas.

Romantic partner?

Met my first husband through a set up. Curious to find out how I’ll meet my second.

Adversity often gifts us with perspective.

F*ck this shit moment

In the span of one year, my father suffered a stroke, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and my marriage dissolved. I could barely breath and did my best to plug away at whatever it was that I was facing that day. My support system was invaluable and I managed to get though it. I know it made me stronger and helped me deepen my connection with my warrior and adult spirit. Dad recovered, Nana died, marriage ended and somehow I was left vertical.

Sometimes we don’t know our own strength until we meet it head on. I remember one day my ex-husband asking me if divorce was the hardest thing I’ve been though? I responded back without a moment of hesitation, “not even close.” Adversity often gifts us with perspective.


About her Business

About her business (5 words or less)

Empowering, enhancing, connecting, freeing, fulfilling

biggest leap of faith taken in her business?

Opening it. It’s a super vulnerable process to say, "this is me and I’m here to serve with my head, heart, and spirit."

most thrilling "high"? most challenging "low"?

High - Seeing clients reach their goals, hands down. I feel so blessed to witness their going through the muck to rise on the other side. It’s why I do what I do.
Low - Watching clients learn the tools and continue to get in their own way and stay stuck.

false advice being taught in her industry?

As a new business owner, I was given the advice to “say yes to everything.” What that got me was a 3 week burnout.

What does She need to do less of in Her business?

Admin. It’s my weakest area. I’m now working with a fantastic woman who’s helping me do that.

How did she overcome her fear of selling?

TBD :)

hardest part about being a trailblazer?

I feel honoured to do the work that I love with people that I love, so I have to say: the never ending to-do list.

What's next for her?

Lately, I have been spending time writing. I’ve become fascinated with the power of words to unite people's minds and hearts.

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(First Published may 25, 2018)



Having navigated 131 countries, 87 emotions, 46.5 traumas, and 16 careers, Ellany Lea inspires and guides phoenixes, overachievers, entrepreneurs and wayshowers to live fierce, fulfilled and free.