My Opportestiny • Put Humpty Dumpty back together again

Have you ever fallen off a great wall and tried to put yourself back together again?

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Susan Cain in her book Bittersweet: How Sorrow And Longing Make Us Whole said,

Whatever pain you can’t get rid of, make it your creative offering.

This is my creative offering to you.

By being in our Phoenixsphere, you gifted me the inspiration and tenacity to put myself back together again.

There's no overnight sensation. But there can be "10 years plus one night" sensations.

Click play to see how far your love, genius and soulprint have contributed to my and the world's liberation. ⤵︎



Having navigated 131 countries, 87 emotions, 46.5 traumas, and 16 careers, Ellany Lea inspires and guides phoenixes, overachievers, entrepreneurs and wayshowers to live fierce, fulfilled and free.