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Post-it Wall of Greatness

Shortcut to Self-Reflection Prompts

Have you ever faced the uncomfortable "Now what?!?" after you've achieved a milestone? You thought you'd ecstatic, but instead are fogged in doubt and uncertainty of "Is this all there is?" Then it's time to make a Post-it Wall of Greatness!

A bucket list is anticipatory, it shapes the future. A Post-it Wall of Greatness is celebratory, it acknowledges the past and present.

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Think of this exercise as a retrospective bucket list, a celebration of all the dreams, adventures and identities that you have already achieved. It's also a powerful reminder of all the grit and grace you already have (but forgot).

Be bold, be brave, and lay out your greatness for you (and for all) to see. You will feel a rise in self-worth and self-validation, which will liberate you from seeking external validation.

Module 6 Validation Spectrum

There is a tao, a middle way, a just right "Goldilocks Zone" for self-validation, which include

  • acknowledgement - naming the truth of who you are
  • celebration - sharing the truth of who you are with people who have earned the right to hear it
  • bragging - declaring the truth of who you are to the entire world

For far too long, patriarchy has locked women in the gray zone of:

  • humility - a command to stay small and silent
  • low self-worth - a belief that one is inherently broken and/or inadequate
  • self-denial - a conscious refusal of one's own greatness
  • self-hatred - an unconscious refusal of one's own greatness

And when a woman rises in her greatness and worth, often (if not always) patriarchy will try to smack her down by labeling her in the red zone of:

  • self-inflation
  • arrogance
  • narcissim


By creating your own Post-it Wall of Greatness, as many of my overachiever clients and students have, you will:

  • see yourself with fresh eyes
  • remember your greatness
  • raise your self-worth
  • feel grateful for your unique path
  • collectively put an end to the rule of patriarchy, and
  • know deeper who you truly are. 






I walk my talk.

  1. If I died tomorrow, I have no fear and no regrets because I know I have truly lived

  2. I started a business with no business going into business

  3. Semi-retired at 33

  4. I've traveled to 131 countires, on my own dime, and filled a 48-page passport long before it expired

  5. I've had 16 different career re-inventions from aerospace, to banking to United Nations to spiritual coach

  6. I've kept a gratitude journal since 1999 with 3 reasons to be grateful everyday

  7. I speak 4 languages and know 7 in total

  8. I have overcome every single fear I've ever had

  9. I love flying: microlighting in Zimbabwe, parasailing in Costa Rica, paragliding in Brazil, handgliding in Nepal, flying a propeller plane for 20 sec in San Francisco, hot air ballooning in Myanmar

  10. I invested $100,000 in my self-development and healing arts

  11. I put $10,000 toward buying my parents a car

  12. I integrated my inner feminine and masculine

  13. I become good at anything I touch as an adult learner: figure skating (even landed a toe loop jump!), piano, knitting, sewing, aerial silks

  14. I’m a certified Antigravity Yoga instructor

  15. I raised my parents and younger siblings well

  16. I am kind as f*ck, deeply empathetic and compassionate

  17. I healed and maturated my 10 Wounded Child Archetypes

  18. I detriggered my top 6 saboteurs and am free from their control

  19. I always do what I say and only say what I'll do

  20. I did 3-moon 100k/10/98 Retreats, 10 ceremonies in 65 days, and experienced Oneness

  21. I tried Kambo and experienced The Void / The I AM

  22. I tried Bufo and released decades of terror and trauma

  23. I wrote a weekly blog for 5 years straight

  24. I went to CTI's Leadership Program and experienced surrender for the first time

  25. I did a ropes course with Diana and learned that I matter

  26. I got certified in The Daring Way™ and got to meet my teacher Brené Brown

  27. I completed multiple Hero’s Journey, multiple Heroine’s Journey, and multiple Liberator’s Journey

  28. I survived bullying since the 3rd grade and gaslighting since 7th grade

  29. I can bring a room full of strangers or leaders into tears with one sentence.

  30. If you’re in my life, you’ll know more shenanigans and fun than you ever knew possible

  31. When I sleep near you or in hour house, you have the best sleep of your life!

  32. I am a channel for grace

  33. I am clairscentient: I pre-feel what my clients are going through before they go through it or before they tell me about it

  34. I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and HSS (High Sensation Seeking), at the same time

  35. I am thriving as a gifted adult on the autism spectrum

  36. I can finish Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 3 in one sitting

  37. My best writing doesn’t come from me, but through me

  38. I’ve heeded every call of the Universe, even when there’s no guarantee or reward

  39. I have deeply touched the lives of my clients, by making them feel safe and know joy

  40. I have a light carbon footprint (never owned a car, always car share or public transit)

  41. I’m a minimalist. Everything I need fits into a 23kg and a 10kg suitcase

  42. My energy and intentions are so clean, clear, pure and loving

  43. I’m trustworthy and always the first person people confide their secrets to

  44. With me, we can laugh so hard you end up in tears or with sore abs

  45. I am en eloquent writer

  46. I have a mofo soul with stamina

  47. I made the top 20 under 20 list, the hardest list to get on

  48. I have an adopted South African family, and seem to be adopted and beloved by all my hosts anywhere I go

  49. I see the invisible and have an elegant and playful way to make you see it too

  50. I read like a fiend

  51. I wrote a 1.2 million word memoir

  52. I have attained inner peace

  53. I’ve never strived for fame, only for freedom, depth and meaning

  54. Never smoked, never drank alcohol, never tried drugs

  55. Wear no makeup, don’t die my hair, have only one lip gloss

  56. Don’t use food, shopping, sex, other people or gambling to numb out

  57. I’m super organized, I'd be a millionaire if that were my chosen profession

  58. I have swam with turtles and dolphins, sharks, mata rays and see whales from a boat

  59. I’ve ridden camels, elephants, horses

  60. I have bought and sold 3 properties with $25k profit, 3k profit, 18k profit

  61. I have earned six-figures in my business

  62. I have earned $60k in 1 month of active work

  63. I have earned $5k in 1 month of passive income

  64. I’ve made $10k in a month

  65. I bought my dream condo by the beach before turning 30

  66. I have lived in NYC, Sg, HK, Rwanda, Spain, Argentina for 6 months to 3 years

  67. I know how to cut pipes, rewired electrical, renovate a kitchen, change car tires, fix bikes, take apart appliances and put them back together

  68. I won $80,000 in scholarships and internships by the time I graduated university with no debt in order to secure my family’s financial future

  69. Every boyfriend I’ve ever had has declared “I love you” within 30 days of knowing me

  70. I've been proposed to many times

  71. I’ve had spiritual surgery

  72. I survived the spiritual flu

  73. I’m so on top of my budget that I always come under budget

  74. I’ve defibrillated someone’s chakra just by passing my hand over it

  75. I was asked to carry all the suffering of the world and die on the cross, I said no thanks.

  76. I find joy in so many things, in the smallest things

  77. My soul sisters are few, but they are the love moat that gives me courage to continue existing on this god forsaken planet

  78. I remember some of my past lives

  79. I love hopelessly and unconditionally even if it ends up hurting me

  80. My nieces and nephews stole my heart, I didn’t know one could love like that

  81. I once volunteered 1,000 hours in 6 months (that’s about 5hrs a day) while going to school full-time

  82. I've volunteered with the United Nations, UN Development Program, Habitat for Humanity, Doctors Without Borders, Engineers Without Borders and many more non-profits

  83. I surfed in Nicaragua while watching baby turtle eggs be laid and hatch

  84. I haven't had a cold in 4.5 years

  85. I am Queen of self-care and built a high metabolism with fast recovery time

  86. Professionally certified as a coach through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) by age 30

  87. Rotate through weekly holistic chiropractor, holistic massage therapist, holistic acupuncturist and holistic spiritual coach

  88. I redid my own taxes and got $8,000 back in refunds that the family accountant missed

  89. Created deep relationships and friendships no matter where I go

  90. Have been interviewed on national TV and international media several times

  91. Courage to live waaaaaaay outside the box

  92. I cry as a sign of vulnerable open heart, not as a sign of weakness

  93. I alchemize the suffering of the world into peace and serenity

  94. I meditate daily and can easily reconnect with eternity

  95. Moved my entire family to across the country all by myself (packing, logistics, school enrollments, buying new home, renovating old home, flights, you name it!)

  96. Financially independent and living on my own since age 21

  97. Lived a dream life in NYC, a stone throw from Times Square and Central Park

  98. Earned a full scholarship for a semester abroad at National University of Singapore

  99. I can sleep anywhere, anytime, sitting, standing, on a plane, in a chair, you name it

  100. I have added peace, beauty, joy and creativity and compassion to this world, I have left it better than when I came

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.




Digital Wall:





  1. Take out 100 post-its
  2. First draw checkmarks on each of them
  3. Then write an achievement over each checkmark
  4. Stand back and be in awe of your greatness!
  5. Bonus • Invite 12 friends over to admire your wall ;)

Here are some self-reflection prompts:

  • Start with the straight forward ones: items in your resume, school or career achievements, etc.
  • Then add dreams you've realized (big or small), bucket list items you've checked off, overseas moves you've made, etc.
  • Then take a heroic bird's eye view and add: hardships you've overcome, leaps of faith you've taken, shenanigans you've be part of, adventures you've crated, etc.
  • Then get people oriented: who have you met that remains a soul mate, who has taught you the most, etc.
  • Then focus on your traits and qualities of who we’ve become: eg. I am f*cking kind, I'm a "body mover" friend who will come move a body if asked. I'm a captivating storyteller!
  • What recipe are you famous for?
  • What volunteer work have you done?
  • What comes really easy to you (that actually don't come easy to others)?
  • How many languages do you speak?
  • What are the top 3 qualities that others always tell you about (one quality per post-it)?
  • What are some quirky #random things we've done or studied just because?
  • What's one or multiple Hero's Journeys you've been through?
  • What's the best decision you've ever made?
  • What's the worst investment you ever made, but overcame?
  • What did heartbreak teach you?
  • When you are on your death bed, what will you be glad you did?
  • What have you not done that you admire about yourself? Eg. I never smoked. Never took any drugs. Never used anyone. Never hung up the phone on anyone.
  • What makes you laugh about yourself or your perspective on life?

xo, Ella

(First Published Jan 14, 2015)



Having navigated 131 countries, 87 emotions, 46.5 traumas, and 16 careers, Ellany Lea inspires and guides phoenixes, overachievers, entrepreneurs and wayshowers to live fierce, fulfilled and free.