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Power of Iterations • How I Unleashed my Genius Organically

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Power of Iterations • How I Unleashed my Genius Organically
Power of Iterations • How I Unleashed my Boutique Brand Organically
Power of Iterations • How I Unleashed my Masterclass Organically
Power of Iterations • How I Built my Signature Program Organically

There is faaaaaar too much hype around "Make $90,000 in 90 Days!", "Be Famous in Five Minutes!", "Six weeks to Six-figures!", or "11 Day E-course Challenge". I'm not saying that those claims don't work. I'm saying that it's not the full picture. I'm saying what they're not saying:

  • Make $90,000 in 90 Days! ➙ ... if you already have a mailing list with at least 6,000 active readers.
  • Be Famous in Five Minutes! ➙ ... if you do what she did and sacrifice all sleep, health, family and friendships, and hustle like a fiend, and say 'yes' to everything without discernment.
  • Six weeks to Six-figures ➙ ... if you already have a digital product or service with a proven track record of $4,700 in monthly sales and are willing to blast anyone with a templated email sequence.
  • 11 Day E-course Challenge ➙ ... with no promise that the produced e-course is desirable, and valuable, and soul aligned, and marketable and profitable.


In business, there is such a desperate pursuit among the masses for an overnight sensation... which is normal. The ego wants what it wants (success, freedom, fame, peace, money, etc.), and it wants it YESTERDAY! An overnight sensation would also mean that the ego gets its desires fulfilled by bypassing all the often painful emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical growth necessary to have it.

But just because the masses do business that way doesn't mean that you should too. I always say, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

Don't follow the masses. Often the 'm' is silent.

There is no such thing as an overnight sensation. But there is such a thing as a "10 Years + One Night" sensation, where everything you've been, done, seen, learned, and experienced converge into a moment, a product, or a business aha that gets perceived as an overnight sensation.

People don't like to share their process of becoming. They only share the highlight reel of what they've become. I love sharing the process of how to co-create sustainable and fulfilling success, through graceful iterations.


Any journey to success starts with knowing yourself, with co-creating the Master within. You could go round and round, running all the ad campaigns in the world or network until the cows tip over, but you won't create, keep and sustain success and freedom, without deeply and truthfully knowing yourself.



You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. So at the beginning of any freedom quest, I have my clients and students assess where they are, with fierce grace and deep compassion.

When I started my journey, I had never even heard of Parts Integration(0/10) or Values (0/10). I never even knew I had 42 parts, including 10/12 wounded inner children (0/10) that created havoc in my mind and 12 Sacred Archetypes that shrilled to be heard (0/10).

I was also very much shackled to the conditioning that my life purpose and priorities is to be everything, to everyone, all the time. Unfortunately, I know far too many women who can relate. Hadn't yet read Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, so I wasn't aware of the mechanism of the ego, no less how to dis-identify from it (0/10). And I'd just gone through a baby spiritual awakening that affirmed that I didn't need to live in the financial scarcity and poverty that my parents lived in (1/10).

But the two things I did know and began implementing were time chunks (with conscious priorities 1/10) and celebrating wins (3/10). Hey, we all start where we start. We're all dealt the hand that we're dealt, but it's how you play the game that matters. Where are you starting from? Take the Freedompreneur Quotient Test to download your very own colorful Freedom Trackers.



I often describe how becoming conscious of something is like placing an ice cube on the table to melt. You don't need to bash it with an ice pick or scorch it with a fire torch. Just leave it be. It'll melt effortlessly on it's own. There's nothing you need to do. Becoming aware was the work, and you already did it.

So when I became conscious of the inner work needed to Create the Master within, I dove right in and:

  1. Parts Integration 2/10. Listed all the parts of me what I was aware of (eg. hyperachiever, HSP, mystic, abandoned child, etc. Oh man, there were so more parts that I wasn't aware of that surfaced over the years under the light of consciousness :S)
  2. Business Tracker 4/10.Continued to boundaries around my time
  3. Values Lantern 2/10. Signed up for coach training and learned about values (doesn't mean I lived by my values yet, I just knew about them intellectually)
  4. Conscious Priorities 3/10 Reshuffled my priorities to put basic needs, such as sleep and body nourishment, at the top of my list
  5. Ego Dis-identification 0/10. I bought Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth but hadn't read it yet, since I was still under the spell that busyness = self-worth
  6. Post-it Wall of Greatness 5/10. Continued to celebrate my wins on my Post-it Wall of Greatness even though my sister told me I should take it down
  7. Wounded Child Archetypes 1/10. Named and identified my wounded child 'Cora' but hadn't nearly begun the healing work (hey, a start is a start!)
  8. Sacred archetypes 1/10. Stumbled upon a self-sabotage test and the report opened my eyes to how archetypal patterns rule our lives
  9. Money Memory Purge 3/10 And lastly, I began making lists of all my negative associations with money and burning them.



Ego Dis-identification (1/10.) By now, I had read A New Earth and it blew my mind, heart and soul wide open. And all my tuners on my Part 1 • Create the Master • Freedom Tracker were out of the gate! It felt like an eternity, like molasses rolling up Everest on a frigid winter day. But hey, forward it forward, right?

The key to this pre-lift off stage is to radically eliminate everything that doesn't work and radically repeat everything that does work.

No, I couldn't manage to upgrade everything to 10/10 or to 200/10, all at once, but I nudged a good amount of tuners a little higher.

 Values Lantern (3/10) & ​Conscious Priorities (4/10). I continued to free up my time as my top priority because it is my MOST valuable asset. 

Post-it Wall of Greatness (7/10). I lead students to create their own Post-it Wall of Greatness in our High Return on Happiness Masterclass. And developed a habit of reading AND implementing a book a week, especially around money.



Sacred archetypes (4/10). In this iteration is where archetypes imbued my life from Jung's psychological archetypes, to Caroline Myss's Sacred ArchetypesBranding with Archetypes and Money Archetypes!

I've always known that the best way to learn is to teach, so I guiding my clients to meet their archetypes and that helped me get more intimate with my own parts and archetypes.

 Values Lantern (5/10). It's also during this time that I got trained by my teacher Brené Brown, and received full permission to choose MY values (free from parental, cultural and patriarchal conditioning, including filial piety) and live them. This full permission also granted me the courage to hand out No's like a mofo or an ATM on the fritz spewing out $100 bank notes. The result: I freed up soooooo much of my time and filled my own cup before giving from my overflow.

It is also through Brené that I found my way to the work of Kristen Neff on self-compassion. Though there little to no traction on the Ego Dis-identification and Wounded Child front, I was at least gentle on myself, constantly reminding myself that I'm at least on the path.

Post-it Wall of Greatness (7/10) & Money Memory Purge (6/10). My clients continued to acknowledge themselves by making their Post-it Wall of Greatness (7/10) and burning their Negative Money Memory List (6/10) through our High Return on Happiness Masterclass. Courage is contagious. Purging is contagious. As my clients purged their money guilt or shame, I liberated them and they liberated me. Whaddya know, freedom is also contagious!





And then, tada! I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I realized, at a visceral body level, that growth is not linear. It's twisty and winding and hella hard sometimes (or all the time), but it's also cumulative and exponential! There are tipping points after which everything you've ever been, done, read, learned or experienced converge and "Bam!" a big growth spur takes place.

My bestie Karen too a Neuroscience Certification and she helped me anchor the concept of "above the line" and "below the line." It took (what felt like) ages to get myself, my ego, all my parts, all my inner children, all my archetypes, the whole lot of 'em to above the line. It required not hard work or quantity of work, but enormous amounts of willingness, openness, dedication, and prayer.

And as a "Growth Spur" gift, the Universe sent me sociopathic goys and one jealous "queen bee" to cross my boundaries one FINAL time, for me to shoot up my time boundaries, values alignment, conscious priorities, greatness and sacredness through the roof!

Grace and mercy were my two bestfriends to release the heavy protective shells of ego, intergenerational trauma and scarcity, and as a result I became more whole.

The wounded children, I had 10 out of 12 of them. Ten! I thought I had 2-3 maybe 5. Ten! I knew that would take time. And I summoned my previously embodied practice of self-compassion to take the time it takes to maturate each of them within me.

  1. Parts Integration 7/10.
  2. Business Tracker 10/10.
  3. Values Lantern 8/10. 
  4. Conscious Priorities 8/10 
  5. Ego Dis-identification 5/10. 
  6. Post-it Wall of Greatness 9/10. 
  7. Wounded Child Archetypes 5/10. 
  8. Sacred archetypes 7/10. 
  9. Money Memory Purge 7/10

Fill your own cup and give from your overflow. Only if you choose to.



By now, I had fully reclaimed my time and embodied somatic healing, higher consciousness practices and plant medicines that accelerated my surrender and purging of:

  • all my egoic shells (Ego-Disidentification ​9/10) of separation, thus becoming more whole (Parts Integration 10/10)
  • the fear of my own light (Wall of Greatness 10/10)
  • the "Mother Theresa Syndrome" that martyrdom is the only form of service (Values Lantern 10/10), and
  • the social indoctrination that women must be doormats to be safe (Conscious Priorities 10/10, Sacred Archetypes 10/10).

The money scarcity was the hardest to purge because it's soooooo deeply intertwined with thousands of years of traumatic scarcity running through my Family of Origin DNA. It was also deeply enmeshed with the trauma from having been an over-shook "Money Tree" since 3 years old (the harder you shake the tree, the more money is supposed to fall out). When you're raised in a Chinese culture that has a one-child policy to cap over-population, there is ALWAYS not enough. The worst part are all the baby girls that got wrapped and dumped in the bottom of rivers because a boy was more valuable. Ugh.

And eventually, with all the inner work, I realized that money scarcity is not the core issue: a deeply, deeply, deeeeeeply wounded Unsafe Child is the core issue (9/10). I had my mind, heart and soul blown when I recognized how perpetually unsafe I've lived my ENTIRE life.


Phew, that was intense. Even going down memory line to share the behind-the-scenes of becoming feels intense. I'm not 100% sure how I even survived all that inner work... I just know that I didn't do it alone.

Live fierce, live free,

xo, Ella

(First Published Feb 5, 2020)



Having navigated 131 countries, 87 emotions, 46.5 traumas, and 16 careers, Ellany Lea inspires and guides phoenixes, overachievers, entrepreneurs and wayshowers to live fierce, fulfilled and free.