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How Sacred Archetypes Reveal Hidden Keys to Behavioral Change

Why do we repeat the same behavioral patterns, when we know they are detrimental to our freedom and well-being? Why do we make the decisions we make?

Yes, there are personality factors. But even when we've healed all our trauma, exposed all our gnarly Family of Origin wounds, maturated all our Wounded Child Archetypes, secured our anxious and/or avoidant attachment styles, purged out patriarchy from our bodies, and invested over $100,000 in self-development, we still seem to be hidden forces at play, holding us back.

This is where Sacred Archetypes comes in, to reveal hidden keys to unlocking our relationships with money, people, creativity and destiny. Think of Sacred Archetypes as universal soul patterns that guide us deeper into the ultimate question, "Who am I?"

With infinite gratitude for the work and guidance of Caroline Myss ❤️

By casting your top 12 Sacred Archetypes into their respective houses, you'll be met with illuminating insights into why you are the way you are. You'll be given the power and responsibility to upgrade what needs upgrading.


The Prostitute is the archetype that gives something of tremendous value in exchange for something of small or no value.

What if The Prostitute archetype landed in your 'Good Fortune' house? How would you earn money differently? How would you spend it differently? How could the powers of The Prostitute archetype improve your financial situation?


destroyer wheel.png

The Destroyer archetype is skilled at completion, annihilating old things in order to make space for new things to grow.

Have you moved homes a lot? Have you lived in many different countries? Have you started and ended hobbies/passions that seemingly have nothing to do with each other? Often this reveals the gifts of The Destroyer: being nimble at letting go (of objects, cities, relationships, countries, etc.) 

But The Destroyer has a shadow side too: it can complete things in a Tazmanian Devil, wild fire, apocalyptic way, that ravages everyone in its wake, self included.


rebel wheel.png

The Rebel is the archetype that refuses to conform and challenges the status quo.

Have you felt like you're always going against the grain or swimming upstream, all alone? Have you unleashed your truth and got terrible backlash for it? The Rebel landing in the 'Personality' house often reveals the core wounding of a non-conformist: persecution when speaking the truth.

When healed, The Rebel becomes a champion messenger who inspires others to rise and join the revolution.


hermit wheel.png

The Hermit enjoys withdrawing into the richness of their inner world and/or the wonderland of their upper chakras.

Do you feel pummeled by the cultural conditioning that you have to "get out there, put yourself out there!!!" Does the mere idea of networking make you want to vomit? The Hermit thrives in solitude and silence and does so intentionally in order to attain their highest potential.

Going networking would not only damage, but destroy The Hermit's quest to attain their highest potential. If The Hermit lands in your 'Personality' house, it's critical that you market yourself your way. Share through the written word, through art or poetry, by god don't bounce around on Fb Live everyday, waving your jazz hands.


victim Wheel.JPG

The Victim is the archetype that believes they are a victimized character in a play, rather than the powerful writer / director of the play.

Have you waited until resentment boiled over before you articulated your thoughts / feelings? Do people avoid you or walk on eggshells around you, feeling like you might explode any second? The Victim landing in the 'Self-expression' house is a sign that you need to speak up for what you need / want, set boundaries for what you will NOT tolerate, and say what you have to say before you run out of time to say it.


damsel wheel.png

The Damsel is the archetype that inspires sweetness and romance.

If you've ever felt like entrepreneurship or publishing a book, no matter how hard you try, just isn't working out for you, it's because The Damsel deep down just wants to be saved and rescued. She doesn't actually want to self-actualize. She wants someone else who is already self-actualized to save her so she doesn't have to do the challenging work of actualizing herself.

Practically speaking, it's a sign that she would benefit from plugging into an existing referral network, rather than freelancing and marketing on her own. Until she is ready to be queen, she has every right to incubate in the safety and protection of that referral network.


hero wheel.png

The Heroine is the archetype that is compelled to embark on journey(s) of self-empowerment, even at the price of being ostracized.

Have you felt like your life is a series of never ending tests? Unrelenting test after test after test? Do you find yourself building a home / community then leaving it... again and again and again?

It's because The Heroine resides in your 'Personality' house, making you intimately aware of the painful, but necessary, nature of a quest. On the flip side, thanks to so many quests, you've cultivated tremendous courage, stamina, and resilience. You have a sense of fearlessness that others envy as you never back down from a challenge.


detective wheel (1).png

The Detective is the archetype that seeks truth and understanding of the truth, even if at the expense of a few white lies.

Are you a multi-potentialite or hummingbird who can't do just ONE thing for the rest of your life? The Detective in the Creativity house shows that career fulfillment and prosperity won't come from being a doctor for 35 years or an accountant for 15 years. Novelty and diversity are the keys to unlocking your good fortune.


liberator wheel.png

The Liberator is the archetype that aims for self-liberation, so that their being inspires and liberates others.

If The Liberator landed in your 'Spirituality' house, there's not way you'll stay at a soul sucking job, in a toxic relationship, or in a scapegoatting community! Your soul essence is freedom, and no matter what it costs you, you need to be or re-become that freedom.

Keep in mind that your ego will fight you every step of the way. The ego is meant to protect you, keep you safe and therefore small. Freedom is so grand that your ego will feel threatened each time you expand into freedom. This is why you feel like you're at a constant war with yourself.


seeker wheel.png

The Seeker is the archetype that is driven by curiosity, by the urge to know the 'why' of Life.

Therefore The Seeker usually has broad and/or deep knowledge about their areas of interest. Often nomadic in essence, they've seen a lot, lived a lot, and met a lot of colorful and rich people.

The Seeker landing in the 'Life values' house reveals the pain of always seeking but never finding, the paradox of never belonging and yearning for new landscapes.


overachiever wheel.jpg

The Overachiever is the archetype that strives and can achieve anything they set their mind to, driven by the hope of love or external validation.

Have your intimate partners felt like little kids you had to raise? Have your close relationships, even family, felt like heavy skies you had to carry? When The Overachiever lands in the 'Intimate relationship' house, it's the Universe's way to shout "Stop putting out everyone else's fires. Stop setting yourself on fire to keep others warm. Put down the damn skies that were never yours to carry."

This archetype / house combo is a sacred opportunity to liberate The Martyr. So even though The Martyr didn't directly appear in this client's house casting, there are plenty more hidden dynamics at play.

For a more comprehensive interpretation of your Sacred Archetype house casting, join our Unleash Your Freedom program.

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

(First Published Oct 15, 2019)



Having navigated 131 countries, 87 emotions, 46.5 traumas, and 16 careers, Ellany Lea inspires and guides phoenixes, overachievers, entrepreneurs and wayshowers to live fierce, fulfilled and free.