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To be free, to be the best entrepreneur you can be, you need to care for the vehicle / body that contains your genius, ideas and talent. If you don't, who will?

Here are 9 of my habits that I've automated for better self-care.

1. Morning Routine

I scheduling a 2hr morning block into my calendar, within which I eat a healthy breakfast, read, meditate, sleep in or do whatever brings me peace.

2. Scheduled Lunches

How often do you miss lunch when you're working from home on your own? Plenty. How often do you miss lunch if you've booked it with a friend? Never (or rarely). So I schedule lunches into my calendar, even if it's just me having lunch with me.

Somehow my brain respects and honors what the calendar says, but not quite what the body says. So brain, I'm gonna work with ya, not against ya! I have freedom to move my lunch a little earlier or later, but they are had.

3. Automated Client Alerts

I don't live by the stress of the clock. I have clients booked on Wednesdays and Thursdays. My iPhone will chime 5 minutes before a client coaching session. No more stress at constantly being interrupted or watching the clock!

4. Three Separate Calendars

I have three separate Google Calendars:

  1. One for appointments that are time and/or location dependent, to which I add travel time
  2. One for travel, so my assistant can enter all my flights / hotels
  3. One for creative blocks of 3-6hrs, so I am not interrupted

5. Synchronized Booking

I use Acuity Scheduling to allow people to book different types of appointments with me (coaching sessions, Breakthrough sessions, interviews, informal chats, etc.). Best part, it takes into account my 3 Google calendars, so there is never any double-booking and rarely any back-and-forth emails.

6. Phone Turned Off

My business partners know this. On weekends, my phone is turned of completely. No on vibrate, not on silent, completed turned off. I also turn it off completely during my creative blocks of 3-6hrs.

I don't care if you're dying, I'm not picking up during my days off or creative blocks. Besides, if you are dying, I can't help you, call the police / ambulance!! I once lost my phone and my dad suddenly died 24hrs later. Trust me, even if people die and you can't be reached, life does go on.

7. E-mails Twice Daily

I check emails once at 10:00am and again at 4:00pm. I've trained anyone who e-mails me to know that if they e-mail me at night, I'll reply the next morning. If they e-mail me during the day but after 4:00pm, I'll reply the next morning.

8. Zero E-mail Inbox

At the end of every week, my inbox has zero e-mails! I either turn the e-mail into a task, reply right away, or put it in a "For Later" folder. And if I never get around to that "For Later" bucket, then the e-mail wasn't that important in the first place.

9. Write Everything Down

I write everything down, even if it doesn't seem important. If it's a task, book to read, or idea to keep for later, I put it in Asana under my Task list, Reading list, or Ideas list. I also have a Shopping list (so I'm not annoyed at the grocery store when I can't remember that thing I wanted to buy) and a Support Team list, where I assign tasks to my marketing / support team.

Practice these 9 tiny little productivity over and over and see what a huge difference it makes to your peace and prospertiy!

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Women who are free will set the world free

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