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Freedom Masks • Unfulfilling Freedom (Part 1)
Freedom Masks • Untethered Freedom (Part 2)
Freedom Masks • Mirage Freedom (Part 3)
Freedom Masks • Shifting Tides Freedom (Part 4)

Leena creates product suites and marketing materials for the travel industry. She’s a free spirit and citizen of the world. She moved 11 timezones in pursuit of career opportunities, which came knocking from London to Singapore, from Dubai to Sydney. To her surprise, she also found love! They were an unlikely pair, but together fostered dreams of splitting their time in Europe and Asia. She thrived as an expat and was beloved by her local friends and adopted family.


After 6 years together, her partner’s very traditional mother forbade their marriage. To her utter shock and disbelief, her partner obeyed his mother and acquiesced to the conditioning of his culture.


Without realizing it, the culture that first brought her awe and delight began causing emotional resentment. As her free spirit battled the pressure to shrink into the perfect subservient daughter-in-law in hopes of winning his mother's favor some day, she sacrificed and lost huge career opportunities, and what started as wanderlust adventure in a far away land became a prison of her heart. How quickly tides can shift. 


When we began coaching, she was so jolly on the outside and you would never know her inner agony. The more she resented her geography, the smaller her career shrank, the more turbulent her emotions, and the more shackled she felt by a culture that wasn’t even hers. Micro-resentments turned into a sense of full blown betrayal. They had co-dreamed so many dreams and he just cancelled them all, without her input.

She initially came to me for guidance on creating a business that would fit her “new life situation.” We spent an intensive month sifting and sorting through her emotions, clarifying and discerning her Sacred Contracts (Who am I? Why am I here? What am I meant to learn? What am I meant to teach?). Then and only then was she ready to speak the truth: that she was trying to build a teeny, tiny life to match the smallness of the mother-in-law’s consciousness. 🤯


Loving the fantasy more than the reality

Two hours after her decisiveness declaration to let him go, her entire life, along with its rightful abundance of opportunities and true belonging came flooding back. She realized that she was more in love with the fantasy of her own “Eat, Pray, Love” happy ending than she was with him, the actual person. How quickly tides can shift.

If tides can shift so fast, then how do you anchor yourself? You don't. You become a master sailor, rather than an anchor seeker.

You want to succeed in business, lifestyle or creative pursuits? Do the inner mastery work first. Become a master spiritual sailor. Then you'll be able to cross any ocean, gracefully, with ease, peace, joy, truth and trust.

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

Inspiring Stories of Surrender,
Reclamation and Freedom

Learn how to navigate identity crises, non-conformity and lifestyle freedom through joy, grit and grace.


Ellany Lea Author • Ellany Lea is a success coach, master freedompreneur, and modern mystic. She writes about the 4 types of knowing as a pathway to full fledged freedom.