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Have you heard yourself say "That doesn't make any sense!" a lot lately? I know I have.

Amongst my clients, besties and myself, we've experienced:

  • the highest income since the business started (What? During a pandemic? Super awesome, but that makes no sense.)
  • crying and grieving over someone leaving to fly back to their home country (But we're not even friends, we only met twice and barely spoke. That makes no sense.)
  • Zoom works with one client but the next hour the video stops working and the audio is choppy (But I didn't touch a single setting! Didn't even move my laptop location. That makes no sense.)
  • more organic client referrals in the last two months than the last year combined (But I didn't run a campaign or change any of my marketing strategies. That makes no sense.)
  • bank transfers that worked just fine for the last 2 years but now don't arrive at their destination (But I triple checked the account numbers. That makes no sense.)
  • the bestie who used to be a loving confidant is now full of judgement, drama, projection, finger pointing blame (But she's one of the most articulate and compassionate person I know, what happened to her overnight? That makes no sense.)

Send me an example (or two) of what is not making any sense to you, your business or your life right now. I'm curious, not to help you make sense of it, but to laugh a little together about the absurdity that is Earth.

I don't have many answers, other than: It's not supposed to makes sense.

Our souls didn't come here into our bodies for the purpose of satiating the ego-mind's need / thirst / craving for rational sense.

Our souls came here to: grow, love, be loved, enjoy and be of service.

chart - life purpose 5.png

Growing can be painful. Loving can be hard. Being loved can be even harder. Enjoyment seems to go hand-in-hand with suffering (same coin, different sides). And wanting to be of service can leave us feeling more lost or stuck than ever. 

Even so, that's what our souls came here for. It didn't come here to make sense.

So what now? Well, ask yourself:

  1. Am I willing to accept the greater mystery?
  2. Am I willing to dance/play with the greater mystery?
  3. If so, do I have the capacity and soul maturation to dance/play joyfully?

Practically, this looks like:

  • not biting the head off the incompetent customer support agent (even if they are highly incompetent) [<-- this is an ongoing spiritual practice for me, 92% of the time the agent tears up because I made them feel so supported, understood, seen, heard, and acknowledged, the other 8% of the time I probably made them cry from feeling incompetent :S]
  • extra celebrating your sisterhood for her success (don't be that envious, projecting drama queen, that archetype doesn't look good on any woman)
  • square breathing deeply (inhale for 4 sec, hold the breath for 4 sec, exhale for 4 sec, and hold the emptiness for 4 sec) before any important conversation or meeting
  • journal all your emotions the moment it's happening, let the paper (not another person) carry the weight of your turbulence, and then after process it all with a therapist or loving friend

Does this ring true, that our soul's purpose here on Earth isn't to make sense, but to grow, love, be loved, enjoy and be of service, no matter how challenging and rewarding they may be?

quote - dancer life.png

I look forward to your thoughts!

May this journey of "consciousness experiencing itself through each of you" be filled with infinite grace,

xo, Ella

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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Author • Ellany Lea is a success coach, master freedompreneur, and modern mystic. She writes about collecting the 4 types of knowing as a pathway to total freedom.