A Wounded Child Archetype is a set of thoughts, traits and behaviours imprinted in childhood (by unconscious parental or cultural conditioning) that falsely defined you.

False Identities to Release

I am poor 💭

I lack 💭

I am deprived 💭


Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound?

🌀  Carry the false belief that it’s evil to have (money, love, joy, pleasure), that I need to be poor to be good.

🌀  Chronically borrow against my own well being by over-working and under-earning.

🌀  Crushed under the weight of scarcity, with never enough time, money, opportunities, support, love to go around.

🌀  Often feel depleted, trying to keep afloat and/or care for others at my own expense.

🌀  Live as though watching through a window at all the goodness of Life, just beyond my reach and abilities.

🌀  Lack systems that create evergreen prosperity, security and stability in my life.

🌀  Stuck or fall back in survival mode, never able to fully thrive and be happy.  

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Unintended Impact

Unintended Impact is how others may react or project onto this Wounded Child Archetype.

⚡️  Others neglect my needs/desires or don’t even know that I have needs/desires since they’ve never seen me tend to them

⚡️  Others don’t recognize or reciprocate my acts of generosity and/or abundance

⚡️  Others are not compelled to give to me, even though they give to others

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Gifts of the Wound

🎁  Deep compassion and solidarity for the underdog or minority

🎁  Pure heart of service, with powerful gifts that bless all the world

🎁  Extremely generous and kind to all

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.


Integration Practices

If you recognize this archetype in yourself, here are some practices to maturate and integrate that Wounded Child Archetype.

🌹 Expand my capacity for joy, play, receiving, nourishment, fun, pleasure, and peace.

🌹 Prioritize and allocate time / money / resources to my own well being, before giving any away.

🌹 Learn and master the art of sufficiency to prevent a spiral of despair at the “lack” of abundance.

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Assessment + Guidebook


Identify your top Wounded Child Archetype and access the full guidebook.




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