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What's new in your neck of the woods? Here's the next bedtime story to illustrate the 4 levels of knowing.

You've probably heard yourself say, "Yeah, I know." But that's different from "OMG I know, know. Like, clunk, I KNOW."

Bedtime Story last_quarter_moon_with_facebookfirst_quarter_moon_with_face

During one of my Ayahuasca retreats, my body was wriggling around, as if it had a will of its own. My mind labelled it as nonsensical, but the rest of me knew there was a purpose to all this and to just enjoy the experience.

From the outside, looking at me, you would have seen me in a yoga pigeon pose, with one leg bent in front, another extended behind, and my forehead buried in a fortification of pillows that I had built earlier that evening. How I got into that position is a mystery.

From the inside, as I surrendered to the experience, I had an aha-realization that my body and spine were wriggling like a caterpillar. “Oh. THAT’s what my body is doing,” I chuckled. “I’m a caterpillar! Wee!”. Wriggle, wriggle.

My body continued to wriggle for some time, with my head bonking against the pillow fortification, like a faulty Roomba. Oh man, it must have been hilarious to watch! I wish I could have recorded it. I know I was amused watching it from the inside.

As the experience continued, I felt more and more claustrophobic, like walls were closing in on me. I am not a fan of small, tight, airless spaces. But to my surprise, I didn’t start kicking and thrashing against the incoming walls. By not reacting, there was a micro-moment of stillness.

And from that stillness, I realised what was happening: I was cocooning. “Oh! THAT’s what’s happening,” I chuckled again. "There's nothing to fear. I'm just a caterpillar, doing its thing."

Fascinating, isn't it, how in one moment, incoming walls were perceived (by the mind) as suffocating danger. In the very next moment, these same walls were perceived (by the soul) as sweet, sweet hibernation time.

Once in the cocoon, everything went still. Everything went silent. I became… peace personified. Can you imagine, you as peace personified?

Time passed (no idea how much). Then like a pop tart, I popped out of the cocoon, fully baked, as a pretty pretty butterfly, with white-gloved jazz hands. “Booya! I’m a mother f*cking butterfly!” I shouted.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a big “oooh shiny!” ball and flap flap flap flap flapped myself at warp speed towards it. “Tssst,” I heard and <sniff, sniff> smelled burnt toast.

Wait, what? What just happened?!? You mean that big shiny ball was... The Sun? And now I’m toast? Wait, whaaaaaaaat?!? Noooooo! Aaaaaaall that wriggling and head bonking and cocooning and incubation time and overachieving and flapping (and 10 years of $100,000 in self-development and another 7 years of $100,000 in business investments, and all the suffering from the 98 past lives) for this?!? For burnt toast? “F*ck,” is all I could muster.

I started laughing hysterically, “Ya had to go be an overachiever! Ya had to go at warp speed. Aaaaaall that work, aaaaaaall that suffering… for one moment of ‘oooh shiny!’ and now you're burnt toast.” Sigh.

4 Types of Knowing

There’s a sweet spot at the convergence of 4 types:

  • the mind understanding
  • the body experiencing
  • the heart comprehending
  • and the soul Knowing.

Have you experienced these different types of knowing?

  • Type 1 • Mind understanding sounds like, "Yeah, I get it." (Even sprinkle in a "duh."). But it doesn't mean we're living that understanding day in, and day out.
  • Type 2 • Heart comprehending sounds like, "Oh. THAT's what they meant. Clunk." (It also shows up as aha moments.)
  • Type 3 • Body experiencing is a visceral, bodily living through of an experience, no longer denying what is or what has been. (It's normal to not have words to explain this type of knowing.)
  • Type 4 • Soul Knowing is lived truth, coursing through your vein, emanating through every fibre of your being. (Everything just is. And you accept it all.)


May She Rest in Peace

Back to the butterfly story. My mind, heart and soul understood, comprehended and Knew the self-inflicted suffering cause by the hyper-achiever, the self-sabotaging aspect of my overachiever, but this night gifted me the missing type of knowing: the body experiencing of this truth.

Once the 4 types of knowing had been attained, they converged, I bam! I was freed. There was nothing more to do, ever. No more therapy, no more coaching, no more goals or vision boards, no more cycles of hope and disappointment, no more seeking or striving. No more. Just peace. Just freedom.

My hyper-achiever died before, but I was always super shocked when it died again. I mean, had it magically resurrected when I wasn’t watching? It turns out, no, it doesn't resurrect. But it does need all 4 types of knowing to be understood, comprehended, experienced and Known.

Then, and only then, will that self-sabotaging entity truly “die”... or rather rest in peace.

What price would you pay to lay your self-sabotaging and shadow aspects to rest in eternal peace?



💎 Reclaimed my attunement with nature, getting back in-synch with the natural unfolding of animals/plants

💎 Reclaimed peace 

💎 Reclaimed the importance of a pause-to-check system

💎 Reclaimed my inner Destroyer

R💎 Reclaimed the 4 types of knowing to let my hyper-achiever rest in peace, once and for all

+5 Reclamations

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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Ellany LeaEllany Lea is a master freedompreneur, modern mystic and success coach. She writes about the 4 types of knowing as a pathway to total freedom.