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Woah. Trippy. Higher consciousness experience... aha moments every 4-6 minutes... No words.

Ayahuasca in Words • Attempt no. 1

Keep in mind, throughout the trauma, bullying, ostracizing, chronic toxicity, emotional neglect, isolation, violation, anxiety, nightmares, depression, crying self to sleep for years, gaslighting, darkness, stress, heartbreak, shame, repeated trauma, betrayal, shock, repeated heartbreak, repeated loss, and much grief... I’ve never smoked a cigarette, taken any drugs, numbed out with food/sex/another, and can count the number of alcoholic drinks I’ve had on one hand (mostly to placate others so they stopped feeling horribly uncomfortable with my not drinking). Never been drunk. Never experienced a hang over. So you can imagine me at a loss for words to describe my Ayahuasca experience #trippy​


Ayahuasca in Words • Attempt No. 2

Now I know what Dali’s clocks felt like.


Ayahuasca in Words • Attempt No. 3

Saw a peacock, heard a “bloop” sound, and suddenly I was the peacock and the peacock was me. I’d like to gather a few peeps who have participated in an Ayahuasca retreat on a Zoom call for my friends and readers. I did mine in a psychotherapeutic context, with extensive group debriefs with trained psychotherapists. It wasn’t just to get high, even though it was super trippy

Who do you know who has experienced the magic of Ayahuasca and would love to share their experience? I’ll arrange a Zoom call. Weekday morning, weekday afternoon or weekend morning?

Am re-reading my journal and counted at least 40 aha, holy shit, oh f*ck and wtf moments


Ayahuasca in Words • Attempt No. 4

It’s like the plant medicine fried many if not all my defaults. The urge to touch the cupcake is gone... And first day post-retreat, I kept having aha moments every 4-6 minutes. A week later, still having aha moments every few hours. #stilltrippy


Ayahuasca in Words • Attempt No. 5

With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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