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1,000 Reclamations for Freedom • How Writing a Memoir Requires Much Soul Maturation (Part 1)
1,000 Reclamations for Freedom • How Writing a Memoir Requires Much Soul Maturation (Part 2)

It's been 6 years (which feels more like 15 years) of snakes and ladders in writing/publishing land, with no book to show for (yet).

And recently, in the last 6 days, I’ve been asked by 3 people who know me, but not each other, “How did you become free?” They each used that same sentence, word for word. Erie, what are the chances?!?

Goodness... where do I even start answering that question... 

  • Well, there's the $100,000 in self-development (see tracker)
  • Then, there's the $100,000 in business investments (I'll create a tracker as well ;) )
  • There are aaaaaall the books I've implemented (actual self-help, not just shelf-help)
  • And the huuuuuundreds of people I've had soul contracts with, big or small, who held a piece of my soul that I had to claim back through experiences of agony, joy, grief, love, betrayal, sweetness, terror, and then some!
  • I tamed the 12 inner saboteurs.
  • I healed, raised and maturated my 12 inner wounded children.
  • I guided my 12 sacred archetypes back home.
  • I cleared and empowered my 12 chakras.
  • I developed emotional, mental and spiritual agility in navigating my 7 inner castles.
  • I harmonized the 40 parts of me, yes 40!!!
  • And on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on!


I’ve shared stories of liberation through out the years, but I've withheld maaaaaany more stories, because:

Reason no. 3 • It's the nature of greatness to mirror back to people their own inadequacy. And so there are two camps of reactivity: one camp willingly looks in the mirror and gets inspired to rise, while the other camp shuts their eyes tight, tight, tight, and wields out their Thor-like ax to hack the mirror/me down. Sadly (or not even sadly, just factually), most humans are in the latter camp. Gratefully and gracefully, you my precious readers, are in the first camp.

Reason no. 2 • I've been burned at the stake, public execution style, more times than I can count, for speaking truth. And I'm so done with that. I've got countries to travel, people to love, life to live. The haters can keep their matches and their stakes, I'm so done being their BBQ briquet.

Reason no. 1 • I was afraid that if I told you about every single fire hoop you'd have to jump through, every agonizing heartbreak you'd endure, every gut-wrenching loss you'd grieve, and every terrifying abyss you'd free fall into, then you wouldn't pursue freedom anymore. And that'd my fault. Your lack of freedom would be my fault.


This is where 'collapsing' comes into the picture. In coaching lingo, 'collapsing' is falsely equating two concepts, by way of a common denominator.

  • Example: I'm happy when I have money, thus happiness = money. I'm also happy when I feel worthy, thus happiness = self-worth. Collapsing occurs when our mind, upbringing and/or social conditioning creates a false equation money = self-worth, because they have a common denominator (happiness).

Thus so many women fry their adrenals in pursuit of money to keep up their level of self-worth and/or they shame spiral into "I have no money, therefore I am a worthless piece of shit" thinking.

In my case, the common denominator was my role.

  • It's my duty to hold up the sky for my family and the world, thus my role = duty. And everything is my fault, thus my role = assume fault. And so the collapse is duty = assume fault, via the common denominator of my role.

Thus, if I tell you about all the hoops, heartbreaks, grief and terror required to be free, and that dissuades you from pursuing your fullest freedom, then it's my fault. Pretty f*cked up, eh?


Years ago, I ready Sacred Contract  by Caroline Myss, where she describes how our soul shatters into 1,000 fragments when incarnating to Earth, and we spend our lives collecting all of them back (from people, situations, etc.) to become whole again. I knew that was the truth.

Then just this year, I watched the Harry Potter series for the first time and had such déjà-vu, but couldn't put my finger on it. The team of heroes and heroines were on a quest to collect 7 Horcruxes in order to destroy evil. And it was only after I watched the Avengers: Endgame movie, where heroes and heroines were also on a quest to collect 6 Infinity Stones to restore good that a cataclysmic aha hit me:

  • This is what I've been doing all this time!!! I was doing freedompreneurship, yes, but the bigger picture was that I was on a spiritual quest to reclaim the 1,000 fragments of my soul to become whole again, to become truly free. 

In one instant (plus 6 years of wrangling my book, plus "$100,000 plus 10 years", plus 98 previous lifetimes), the answer to:

  • What's the thread weaving my story together?
  • How do I answer for you the question of, "How did you become free?"

... converged into one single elegant answer: I tell you about the 1,000 reclamations of my soul. 

If I shared 1 reclamation a day, it’d take about 3 years to tell you the whole story of 1,000 reclamations. Are you ready? Hold on to your hat! I know I am 


  💎Reclaimed my ethereal nature as a mirror (haters can swing their axes, but they're just being silly and hitting empty air)

  💎Reclaimed my right to not be fire briquet for others just because I can withstand a GARGANTUAN amount of burning and pain

 💎 Reclaimed freedom from taking on other’s personal responsibility

  💎Reclaimed the sight and comprehension that freedompreneurship is a mere doorway to a grand spiritual quest to reclaim the 1,000 fragments of my soul

  💎Reclaimed the red thread of my life’s story


Live fierce and free,

xo, Ella

(First Published Jul 17, 2019)


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