A Wounded Child Archetype is a set of thoughts, traits and behaviours imprinted in childhood (by unconscious parental or cultural conditioning) that falsely defined you.

False Identities to Release

I am worthless 💭

I have no value 💭

I am disposable 💭


Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound?

🌀  Give away my resources (time, energy, money, body, services, etc.) for free or for very little, as if they were disposable.

🌀  Chronically borrow against my own security and well being, thus perpetually feeling depleted, indebted and/or in survival mode.

🌀  Overstay miserable relationships and/or flee at the first sign of conflict.

🌀  Unable to receive, thus compulsively reciprocate any acts of kindness with an act of owing others back.

🌀  Chronically wait for the other shoe to drop.

🌀  Lack a healthy sense of entitlement in getting my needs / desires met.

🌀  Often beat self up, unsure how to nurture and meet my own needs / desires.

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Unintended Impact

Unintended Impact is how others may react or project onto this Wounded Child Archetype.

⚡️  Others feel entitled to my kindness and generosity, thus becoming co-dependent and/or freeloaders

⚡️  Others don’t even notice or remember me

⚡️  Others don’t see my value-add, so are not inspired to support me

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Gifts of the Wound

🎁  Deeply sensitive to the suffering of others, with huge capacity for compassion and kindness

🎁  Extraordinary capacity to see the true value of people and situations

🎁  Generous and altruistic, often giving or inspiring others to give to worthy causes

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Integration Practices

If you recognize this archetype in yourself, here are some practices to maturate and integrate that Wounded Child Archetype.

🌹 Explore activities / people that bring me joy / pleasure and make them a necessity and priority.

🌹 See and own the value of my unique gifts and express them in life enhancing ways.

🌹 Cultivate conflict resolution skills to better navigate relationships.

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Assessment + Guidebook


Identify your top Wounded Child Archetype and access the full guidebook.




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