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Grief Autopsy • Name the Losses of Ambiguous Grief

You cannot find what you don’t know you lost. Was it even a loss if you never had it in the first place, such as worth, belonging, or childhood? A Grief Autopsy dissects ambiguous grief hands on. If you don't let your past die, it won't let you live.



Spiritual Quotient (SoulQ) • Shift from Ego Driven to Soul Lead

Credit • Disney

This is the universal human paradox: how do we live with a "phenomenal cosmic power" soul in an "itty bitty" human body (that has gargantuan incessant needs) on a tiny 3rd rock from the sun, amongst ~ 40 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 stars. 

Different Types of Intelligences

You've heard of Intellectual Quotient (IQ) or even Emotional Quotient (EQ). Did you know of Social Quotient (SQ), Positive Quotient (PQ), Energetic Intelligence (EnQ) or (SoulQ)?

Since freedompreneurship…



The Overachiever's Hierarchy of Needs

Today, I'm writing to you from Odessa, Ukraine. Totally did not plan on being here. The only thing I knew about Ukraine is that the Ukrainian figure skater Oksana Baiul who won the gold medal in 1994. And the only thing I knew about Odessa is that it's by the sea. I love the sea <3


post it wall

Post-it Wall of Greatness

Have you ever faced the uncomfortable "Now what?!?" after you've achieved a milestone? You thought you'd be ecstatic, but instead are fogged in doubt and uncertainty of "Is this all there is?" Then it's time to make a Post-it Wall of Greatness!



The Invisible Child • How I Discovered that I Do Matter

Who knew that "failing" at a ropes course would lead to my hyperachiever saboteur's RIP funeral. And the moment my feet touched the ground, a lightning bolt of truth shot through the back of my head, neck and shoulder blades, “How have I never mattered before? How is this the first time?”



How School Kills Creativity • My First Short Story

I was watching a TED Talk on Why Schools Kill Creativity. A couple of days later, I met up with a high school friend for brunch. We reminisced and somehow ended up on the topic of floss. She exclaimed, "Oh my god, do you remember your floss story, the one you wrote in high school?" My first reaction was of trembling...