A Wounded Child Archetype is a set of thoughts, traits and behaviours imprinted in childhood (by unconscious parental or cultural conditioning) that falsely defined you.

False Identities to Release

I am a reject 💭

I don’t belong 💭

I am a freak 💭


Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound?

🌀  Feel like the black sheep of the family, never really fitting in anywhere, and longing for true belonging.

🌀  Carry heavy false belief that life is lonely, unkind or not made for people like me.

🌀  Suffer from severe self-doubt and/or self-hatred due to lack of loving recognition, by self and/or others, of my unique gifts.

🌀  Chronically feel unwelcomed and/or left out, as if my person is not wanted/valued.

🌀  Fail to create supportive structures to channel my gifts in highly profitable, valuable and impactful ways.

🌀  Unable to see my gifts and/or withhold them, as if they don’t matter to the world.

🌀  Wait for others to invite or include me, rather than initiate my own participation.

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Unintended Impact

Unintended Impact is how others may react or project onto this Wounded Child Archetype.

⚡️  Others perceive me as cool and indifferent when all I want is to truly belong

⚡️  Others don’t deepen intimacy with me because I rarely set any roots

⚡️  Others don’t include or invite me in, assuming that I’m not interested

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Gifts of the Wound

🎁  Pioneer, trendsetter, trailblazer, courageously discovering unchartered territories for all

🎁  Genuinely foster deep sense of love, acceptance and belonging for others

🎁  Highly original, innovative, and creative, inspiring others to be different

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.


Integration Practices

If you recognize this archetype in yourself, here are some practices to maturate and integrate that Wounded Child Archetype.

🌹 Cultivate a sacred environment at home and beyond to ground me to the natural rhythms of earth.

🌹 Join groups with common interests, then learn to engage within the rules of the group, while maintaining unique self-expression, knowing that true belonging is effortless.

🌹 Strengthen social skills of openness, curiosity, attunement, and reading the room.

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Assessment + Guidebook


Identify your top Wounded Child Archetype and access the full guidebook.




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