A Wounded Child Archetype is a set of thoughts, traits and behaviours imprinted in childhood (by unconscious parental or cultural conditioning) that falsely defined you.

False Identities to Release

I am bad 💭

I am wrong 💭

I am a mistake 💭


Do you recognize these symptoms or behaviors that perpetuate the wound?

🌀  Present self as having it all together and don’t need anything from anyone.

🌀  Be a know-it-all, constantly correcting others with unsolicited advice, closed off to new insights, lessons, or perspectives.

🌀  Uncomfortable in a room if not holding a position of power or importance (usually the leader, rarely the follower).

🌀  Often play the hero and make sure others know all my sacrifices and hard work.

🌀  Subtly invalidate others’ power by trumping them, being contrary, or relentlessly drilling holes in their knowing.

🌀  Hard time being vulnerable with others and rarely let people know what I need.

🌀  See power as my birthright, thus plowing over others, unaware of my impact.

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Unintended Impact

Unintended Impact is how others may react or project onto this Wounded Child Archetype.

⚡️  Others feel like they can never live up to my standards

⚡️  Others make a lot of mistakes around me, lost in my roller coaster of demanding perfectionism and wild abandon

⚡️  Others don’t trust with me because of my extreme emotions and unpredictable behaviors

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Gifts of the Wound

🎁  Passionate champion of non-conformity

🎁  Epically willing to take on massive responsibilities for growth and success

🎁  Carry for others the hope of a better future

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Integration Practices

If you recognize this archetype in yourself, here are some practices to maturate and integrate that Wounded Child Archetype.

🌹 Learn to acknowledge, appreciate and honor the contributions of others.

🌹 Express my doubts and knowledge gaps vulnerably and see the power of that transparency.

🌹 Champion and feed power to others without losing own power, knowing that power is not finite.

... more inside the Wounded Child Archetypes guidebook.

Assessment + Guidebook


Identify your top Wounded Child Archetype and access the full guidebook.




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